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Pregnancy Talk With Erica & Chris


Pregnancy Talk With Erica & Chris

A lot of times when couples announce a pregnancy they say “We’re expecting!”  or “We’re having a baby!” this is true & false.

Is the man carrying the baby, no. Will he be physically birthing the baby, no.  He doesn’t have to deal with the “main course” you could say but all the sides is something he is forced to deal with.

My husband is making it through round 4 of me being pregnant, and he’s learned a couple things along the way.  Every pregnant woman is different, so it can be hard to really know how to navigate through for the men.  I convinced my dear sweet husband to make a video with me and talk about some experiences he’s been through over the years.  ENJOY!

**I am in no way an editor of any kind so the video may be choppy and sentences cut off, just go with it. :)**


In the end just work with each other, communicate, but most importantly have fun.  This is something that you don’t experience often so try and enjoy this amazing part of your life together as baby daddy & baby momma.


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