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Pregnancy After Twins

So you all might remember a little post I wrote back in September entitled, “I’m a Quitter,” in which I confessed to being a smoker and shared with you my desire to quit.  Well, you should know that it has been 4 months and 9 days and I am still going strong.  Of course, that’s pretty easy to do when you are growing a brand new human in your belly.

WAHHHHAT!? Stop the presses, did she just say what I think she said? Yep, turns out there was a little divine intervention going on when I decided to quit smoking.  Turns out a baby was conceived roughly 10 days after my last smoke.  How crazy is that?  So many people after hearing the news of the pregnancy were all like, “So that’s why you quit!” Nope.  It sure wasn’t.  Though it certainly made things much easier.

So here we are 17 weeks pregnant with bambino #3 our little unexpected, yet expected surprise and I forgot how well pregnancy and I do NOT get along.  Morning sickness non-stop – – so much, in fact, that I have lost 12 pounds.  I was hoping and praying it would only last until 16 weeks like it did with my boys, but it seems to be hanging around.  Painful and unsightly varicose veins have made their dastardly appearance, yet again.  And of course the hormones have turned me into a raging you know what and then there is the advanced maternal age component – – anybody else hate that term?

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Despite all of that, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this baby.  A big reason is because of all the things I didn’t get to do with the boys that I am hoping I can do with this little rugrat.  Like a vaginal birth, nursing and baby wearing.  I toyed with the cloth diapering idea for a bit, but the hubs and mom loudly vetoed that idea.  I’ve heard from other moms of twins who went on to have singleton pregnancies after having twins first that this one baby will be a piece of cake, especially since the boys will be 6.  Of course, I probably just jinxed myself and this child will refuse to sleep and have colic for 10 months.

So let’s here from some of you!  Did any of you go from 2 to 3 kids and have a big gap in between?  Any tips or tricks for little old me?

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    Randee January 31, 2014 at 10:45 am #

    I went fron 1 to 3. My son was 5 when the twins were born. What a blessing. I think since he was older it was a better transition for him. He was a great helper and could keep himself occupied when I fed the twins. I feel like if he was 2.5/3, like we had planned….haha, it would have been tougher in general. It definitely worked in our favor with him being older.

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    how to prepare for pregnancy March 24, 2014 at 6:24 pm #

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