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The Power of One Word. Pregnancy.

 Pregnancy and how it changes everything.


  Pregnancy. This word is a powerful word. Many associate it with joy and happiness. Some associate it with sadness and fearfulness. Some associate it with a mixed of emotions due to it’s dynamic role in the fate of one’s future.

  The power of this one word can make or break a person’s state of mind and well being. This one word is also one of the most powerful words that can ever happen to someone. Let’s take a moment and let this word sink into our minds and hearts as we reflect on the power this one word can hold.

  The wonderful and cheerful moments this beautiful word creates is a euphoria for many who dream of becoming parents. The day your baby was born. The day you found out you had been chosen to become a mother. The day you wondered if you would ever sleep again because the baby inside of you was using all of your energy to become a beautiful healthy little human.

  The day your baby slept more than 6 hours since birth…and the realization that you have been able to successfully keep a little human alive for days, weeks, months, years! All of the moments…memories…gifts…these are just a few of the joys of this powerful word. Pregnancy. All of the love that it can provide is a never ending gift.

  What about those other moments that make this word the complete opposite in our hearts? You, someone you know, a friend, an acquaintance, someone you have encountered who has had the opposite feeling of this precious powerful word. Sadness. Fearfulness. Grief.

  A young teenager seeing a positive sign on her pregnancy test. All of her hopes and dreams flashing before her eyes as she envisions her college dreams being torn away from her. The looks on her parents faces as she reveals her truth with this one, precious word…a word that so many woman dream of having made a reality in their lives. 

  The military wife who’s husband is fighting in Afghanistan. The joy and fear that comes with this beautiful word as she realizes their hopes and dreams of becoming parents will soon become a reality. The dreams, the moments, the fears that have endured her thoughts and prayers as her pregnancy journey commences without her husband by her side…wondering, hoping, praying that he can one day see his beautiful son that they have been blessed with.

  The smart, fun, spunky college girl who decided to try alcohol for this first time…and drank too much at a frat party and lost all control of her reality. Her dream of sharing that ‘first pregnancy test’ celebration with her future husband has now has become all a blur…a nightmare that she can never forget and take back.

  The moment when you and your husband share the big news that you’re finally expecting! Only to find out that the baby didn’t survive in the womb. The guilt, the grief, the sadness. The immense joy of that first positive pregnancy test, the comfort of that first ultrasound…all these beautiful emotions taken away in what seems like a matter of moments. Making every subsequent pregnancy a mix of joy and fear all at the same time.


  Such a powerful word. It’s beauty and aptitude in all circumstances plays a huge role of dynamic fate. May this word be spoken from one’s lips as a precious and delicate word. May we all delight in the joy of life this beautiful word creates, and may we all have a tender heart filled with compassion for those whose journey’s are filled with sensitivity this word has created upon them.




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