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Potty training twins part 2

Remember that post I made a few months back about potty training my twins. It was exhausting and we literally spent a majority of the day in the bathroom. Well guess what, I failed. 

It became too overwhelming, I felt like they weren’t getting it and I resorted back to putting them in diapers. I don’t even feel bad about it. Because in all honesty, I am not sure they were ready. I mean I was definitely ready for the end result, no more changing diapers, which also means no more buying diapers. We all know how expensive diapers are, especially when you are buying for more than one child. In the end because they weren’t ready, they were never fully going to be potty trained, at least at that time.  

Potty training twins part 2

My other two kids basically potty trained themselves.  It was a blessing. My daughter before she was two and my son before he was three, but that doesn’t mean all kids will do that, and maybe I had set my expectations too high.  So my husband and I decided to put away the underwear at least for now and wait until they are ready. In the last week my daughter has shown more interest.  Telling me every once and a while she has to go potty, so I would put her on the toilet, but never forced her to go. And then just in the past few days, has insisted on wearing underwear and she goes to the bathroom on her own.  My son on the other hand, could care less, and that’s okay too. 

I think its important to remember that parenting is hard, there are no instructions.  While you may find many different blogs, and helpful tips on how to potty train your child, every child is different and some things will work for some and not the other.  Sometimes it’s hard not to be discouraged when you are comparing one child to the other, or one method of potty training to another. 

So many times I have thought I was a failure because my kids aren’t hitting the same milestones as other kids their age, but I have since learned differently.  For me I have found its best to take cues from your child, wait until they are ready, and it will go much smoother.  Ultimately you do what’s best for you and your child, and  don’t feel bad about it! We are all just doing the best that we can, and if you’re like me, counting down the days until we no longer have to change and buy diapers.

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