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Post-Pandemic Resolutions

As of yesterday, our governor has lifted our stay-at-home order.  Some may be rejoicing and some may be saying it is too soon.  Whichever side of the fence you are on, without a doubt, the last 8 weeks has been met with all kinds of challenges for everyone.

I had to make the switch to a full-time work-from-home, single mom to 3, crisis teaching parent all within 24 hours.  The first few weeks were TOUGH to say the least.  My kids were sad and missing their friends and initially all they wanted to do was watch TV and play video games all day. I too was sad and a little stir crazy. After a couple of weeks, we slowly started to find “our new normal.”  Day by day, we would find ways to enjoy our time with multiple walks, bike rides and baking becoming the normal.  I’ve never been a “playing mom” but more of the kind of mom who always wanted to go explore parks, museums and do activities outside of our home.  However, we built forts, rearranged furniture and binged watched shows in between school and work time.  

Things I have loved: more time with my kids (especially since in 3 years I will have one child in college-which also makes me sound really old), feeling more productive at work, more at home meals, less driving and running around and I have loved keeping my journal for my kids to read when they are older. My kids have figured out how to problem solve even better and overall have gotten along better!  

I’ve figured out I don’t need 5 random trips to Target in a weekend, making food at home is way more fun now that I have time to look at Pinterest and my couch dates with my boyfriend are way less rushed.  I sleep better (plus I don’t have to wake up at 3:30am to get ready for work) and overall my work-life balance has been so much better, even with all the emotional, mental and financial stress of the last 8 weeks that will not be resolved anytime soon. 

Things I haven’t loved: online school, arguing with my 10-year old as to why he has to do school work and reading about people fighting over every possible aspect of this pandemic online. 

My daily walks would usually lead to a lot of thinking…how did I see things going “post-pandemic.”  What kind of things could I truly eliminate from my days and what kinds of things could I now welcome.

I checked in with my mama friends at East Valley Moms Blog to see how they were viewing post-pandemic life and here are some things they want to implement:

Ashley Lessard:I want to continue to take my kids outside at least once a day. I think I need it as much as them! Continue trying new things! (New recipes, new crafts, etc.) I realized we were in such a routine- it was nice to mix it up a little during this time.”
Caroline Rafert: “I will stop filling my day with busy work or tasks. Now I have an idea of what is essential for me and my family and I will make sure my calendar only reflects the things we want and need. Also I will continue to FaceTime with family and friends to keep that connection with people I don’t get to see as often as I would like.”
Kira Henning: Daily walks and less plans.”
Kayla Lindholm: “…less plans. It’s been nice to have more down time and my kids are playing better together. Using their imagination more.”
Lindsay Olivarez:Prioritizing play and silliness – we’ve been our kids’ primary entertainers for over two months and I, for one, have found myself really giving in to playfulness much more easily when I’m not worried about a mountain of other things.”
Cara Lespron:Prioritizing time for myself every day. Even if it’s a 45 minute workout, I need that time for myself.  I was used to having every weekday morning alone and having everyone home has really challenged me.”
Kendall Willis: “Not taking the simple things for granted like going to my parents house for dinner, going on walks, game nights with friends, etc. (This actually kind of what I wrote my May post on). Not getting so caught up in our routines, being flexible and spontaneous.”
Megan Lankford: “I HAVE to move my body every day. Like every. single. day. Non-negotiable! And hot Arizona summers are no excuse. Even if I throw the baby in the stroller as soon as he wakes up and he eats breakfast in there so I can walk before the heat gets bad. I cannot be lax on that anymore. I’ve realized that my physical health DRAMATICALLY impacts my mental health and I am not the best mom I can be if those things are not aligned. And evening walks with my husband should continue because those have been wonderful as well.”
Kelsey Glynn:This is a little hard for me, I haven’t really thought about it because I have been just trying to take it day by day, especially already having worked from home. I have experience this pandemic on all fronts at home but at work, since I am on the communication team for my company and having to really deal with the crisis and plan of action for our company and our customers. So I seriously have just been trying to take it one day at a time because thinking bigger/ long term is hard. Maybe this biggest thing is keeping connected with my friends. I already did this, but continue to do it.”

What new norms are you hoping to keep around post-pandemic?  

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