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Planning a Pregnancy

The title sounds so silly, “planning a pregnancy,” but I am a “Type A” person (that is an understatement), so I feel like I have had this planned out as far as I can remember.

My husband Ryan and I, are high school sweethearts. From the moment I knew I loved him, I have dreamt and wished about this special chapter we would share together. I knew I would forever cherish the time we would start talking about it.

It soon was officially official-we were going to start trying to have a baby. We were hoping we would be the lucky few that get pregnant right away, but knew those were unreasonable expectations…right? When I went to the doctor and said it out loud, “we are trying to have a baby” I started crying. Right- there-in- front- of- my- doctor. She is probably thinking, “this lady is emotional already and her hormones aren’t even in full pregnancy mode.” After my meltdown in the doctor’s office, it seemed like a great idea to start to get fully prepared. Like I said before, type A personality. I went to the bookstore to get, “What to Expect When You Are Expecting.” After all, we were expecting to expect…soon. I wrote in a journal all throughout my childhood and stopped when I went to college. So I bought a journal to start writing again, to document all the moments of my pregnancy and give it to my child someday. 

Now that we were planning this pregnancy, I felt like I had never been more ready for this experience. But also, I had never been more anxious or nervous about something in my entire life, and nothing had even happened yet!

A couple months go by and on March 8, 2019 was a day we would never forget. We were going to become parents! I was bursting with happiness that we had taken the first, amongst many steps of this wonderful, surprising, scaring, and exciting process to motherhood.  

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