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Picnic Perfection in 4 Easy Steps

Plan the perfect picnic-East Valley Moms Blog

We are starting to feel the summer heat coming, so soak up those last minute early mornings or late nights for a picnic with the kids. Invite some friends if you like! When planning a picnic it can be anything from a themed lunch to a impromptu afternoon snack. Either way the kids love to eat away from the kitchen table! Here are my tips for an easy and no stress picnic: 

Keep it Simple
You don’t have to always bring sandwiches, even though they may be what comes to mind first. Put together a fresh cucumber, mini mozzarella cheese balls, and  tomato for a salad or make cheese and meat kabobs. Minimal clean up is a must as it’s time to get back to running around at the park!

Think Finger Foods
Since I have a 2-year old I pre-cut all fruits, vegetables, chunks of meat, and sandwiches small enough for him to pick up with ease. I always bring forks, spoons, and a bunch of napkins just in case.

Don’t Bring Sticky Foods
Instead of bringing applesauce that has a good chance of spilling, I choose to bring grapes. One of my friends brought Inside Out Chocolate Covered Strawberries as a little treat. They were kept in a cooler and therefor the chocolate was not messy. Brilliant and delicious!

Find a Good Cooler
It really depends on how long you will be at the park before eating that will determine if you need a cooler. Small ice packs will keep everything cool and safe.

Don’t forget:

  • Sunglasses, hats, and sunblock
  • Hand wipes
  • Bug spray
  • Extra bags for trash
  • Blanket if you don’t have a picnic table
Plan the perfect picnic-East Valley Moms Blog.

Nolan and friend enjoying a picnic at Tumbleweed Park


Here are a few of the EVMB Contributors favorite picnic places:

Playtopia at Tumbleweed Park
Espee Park after getting wet at the splash pad
Sunset Park after Story Time at the library
Desert Breese Park after riding the train (and they are updating their splash pad!!)
The “hidden park” at Freestone (Hint: at the bottom of the hill near the soccer fields)
Kiwanis park by the children’s play area
 The LOVE sign in Scottsdale

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What is your favorite place to have a picnic?Save


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