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Our Number Is Two

‘How many kids do you want to have?’ 

Seems like a popular question people ask once you have a child. Before becoming parents, my husband and I talked about having two kids, but never really saying if that was our number. My husband has two siblings and I’m an only child, so we agreed that at least with two they’ll have each other. When I first read this post by Brittany, Do you have a number? I kind of felt the same way and didn’t know if we would be done with two kids or add to our family.

The months went by and I would occasionally bring up the topic of having another baby to my husband, but he would quickly remind me how stressed I can get with just two littles at home. I’m also not very friendly when I don’t get enough sleep, and while the infant season is short, I feel it does get more difficult when your family grows. Of course there are the Rock star mama’s who can manage on little sleep, take care of their older children, and still look like they have their act together! Me other hand, not so much, but I’m OK with that!

Our Number Is Two | East Valley Moms Blog

I do like the idea of having a big family, but I see my son and daughter growing up and having a close bond with each other, which is what I always wanted. We’re lucky to have family close by and friends that feel like extended family. There’s never a shortage of people to hang out with, so we still feel like a big family. Both of my kids are healthy and active, and I really couldn’t ask for more!

My husband and I decided that our number is two and taking the steps to ensure that! I’ll always love the smell and coo’s of little babies, but I can always visit friends with babies 😉 I do feel a little sad that I won’t ever be pregnant again, but at the same time I’m happy to be relived from the anxiety of, ‘What if I’m pregnant??’ scare.  Our family is complete and I can focus on being the best Mom I can be for my kids. 

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