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Cut Out Clutter | Organize A Donation Drive

Who loves purging items from their home?  

Both hands way up for me!  Keeping the clutter in my home to a minimum is the quickest way for me to calm anxieties and be zen, man. So, gathering items to donate happens daily.  I have a haul ready to take to a Goodwill right now actually and after the holidays we will definitely have even more to donate.  

cut-out-clutter-organize-a-donation-driveTeaching my children to donate their gently used toys and clothing is something I start when they are little.  I want them to grow up with an attitude of giving and also being grateful for the things they do have.  Which is why Goodwill is basically our favorite.  Before we make a Goodwill trip, we look around at what we can drop off while we are there (if we don’t already have bags ready to go).  

Dropping off items to a store is one way to give, but did you know you can organize a donation drive too? Goodwill Donation Drives raise money for your organization, while supporting Goodwill’s efforts to help thousands in our community get access to job services and not to mention all the amazing treasures and unique items that get donated, just waiting for a new home.  I was seriously surprised at how easy one actually is! No joke, it’s so simple! 

  1. Fill out the donations drive form, and they will contact you.
  2. Pick a date of when you’d like to have it. They will give you the tools you need to market your event successfully.
  3. Collect gently used items from family, friends, and neighbors.  Goodwill pays your organization per pound for donated items.  That can really add up! 

What’d I tell ya?! Easy peasy.


My brain in already going a mile a minute with all the organizations just in my neck of the woods that could benefit from a donation drive.  So, when you’re looking for your next fundraiser, Goodwill has it! Everyone wins with a donation drive.  Money raised, jobs created, and you get a zen home and happy feelings for doing some good…will. 😉 #winning 



This post is sponsored by Goodwill of Central Arizona. We were provided compensation to write this post, however all opinions are our own.

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