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**This is a sponsored post and although I received services in exchange for writing this review, all opinions are my own**

Ahhh…organization. There is some kind on innate satisfaction of crossing things off of my to do list, labeling and binning my belongings, and well labeling or organizing anything really. Unfortunately, I am not a professional organizer and cannot spend hoards of time doing organizing activities. I am busy. Therefore, I don’t get the opportunity to keep things as cleaned and organized as I would like most of the time. These activities are saved for holidays, some weekends and spring cleaning.

Up your organization game with Metro's Other Woman | East Valley Moms Blog

 Recently, my husband and I started our own medical device sales company and our home office got a complete overhaul. In addition to the three bags of papers and files I had to get rid of, there was still some left. The “weekend” for the weekend project was long past and the work week was underway. We have yet to get another entire weekend where we are at home.

So, in addition to running my home (home manager), still running my half of the website business (EVMB) and running this new business, a large chunk of medical paperwork kept piling up. 

Let me back up, medical insurance companies send you paperwork for EVERY communication that they have with hospitals on your behalf as well as explanation of benefits. I feel bad for the trees. They don’t deserve it. Anyhow, I digress. I got to the point that I wasn’t even opening the mail from the insurance companies. 

Enter Metro’s Other Woman. Diane was my “other woman” and she was a life saver. She swooped in and organized every piece of that stacked up medical paperwork into a manageable system that I could then delegate to bankers boxes and file boxes accordingly. 

The beautiful thing about Metro’s Other Woman is their efficiency. Once you have a conversation about your needs, someone is assigned and they come in and go straight to work on whatever you need done. In my case, this stack of unopened paperwork was a thorn in my side that I just could not set aside time for. While Diane was opening and chronologically filing the paperwork, I was plugging away in my home office with work that needed to be done. I always joke with my husband that I wish I could clone myself so I could get more done. Metro’s Other Woman is about the next best thing. Diane was super friendly and super professional. She also got the job done in half the time that I expected. 

If you have odds and ends that need to get done, or you have a home office that needs some organization, I highly recommend this method of assistance. They cover party planning, housekeeping, business services, dog walking and everything in between. 

Go schedule your appointment now! You can thank me later….

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