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Dear BFF: An Open Letter To My Bestie Before Your First Baby


An Open Letter to my BFF before her first born | East Valley Moms Blog - Savannah


Dear BFF,

I can’t believe that next month you are going to be welcoming a little one of your own. These last four years you have been a wonderful auntie to my boys and I cannot wait to watch you grow into your role as a Mommy.

As you prepare for Baby’s arrival, I wanted to share a few things with you that I’ve learned in my short journey as a Mama.

  • I know everyone says this, but your life will seriously change so much the moment they lay that little babe on your chest. At that moment, if you can, take a pause. Breathe. Soak it all it. That’s one of the greatest moments of your life. Look at their tiny little nose, smell their hair. The greatest adventure has just begun.
  • When you ask yourself “is this poop or chocolate” just always play it safe and don’t try it. It might actually be poop. Trust me.
  • When your little one keeps peeing and soaking through their onesies up their belly, it probably means that it’s time to move up a diaper size. I couldn’t figure this one out every time it happened, because they move through diaper sizes way too fast. It also made me cry each time we had to buy bigger diapers.
  • You will feel like you are failing. And that’s okay. But you’re not. You’ve done hard things and you’ve climbed incredible mountains, but this is going to be a different kind of hard. You’ll take it all more personal. You’ll feel the feels more. But always, please, always remember that you aren’t failing. The little one is so very lucky to have you as their mama and it’s all going to be ok.
  • Do your best not to freak out the first time they get hurt, but you probably will end up sobbing in a panic, because they are your little baby and when they get hurt it hurts you 10 times more.
  • Buy more bottles than you think you will need. Because some nights, you are going to just 100% absolutely not want to wash the pile of bottles in the sink (again) and it’ll be nice to have some extras around.
  • It’s okay to be your own person. It can be so hard to put the little one down, to leave the house alone, or even to go back to work. No matter what you decide is best for you, remember that you are still your own person and you still have the ability to do and be anything that you want to be. You’re just even better now because you’re also a Mama.
  • The sleepless nights won’t last forever. I promise. They suck and they’re hard. It will feel like you will never, ever sleep again but suddenly, one morning you wake up before the baby.
  • Trust yourself and trust your hubby. Everyone will have opinions to share, but trust your mama gut, and trust your partner. You guys got this.

I’m so excited for you as you enter this next chapter of your life. And most of all, don’t forget that if you ever need anything, I’m only a phone call (or MarcoPolo) away.

All my love,


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