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No one wants to talk about Gestational Diabetes

No one wants to talk about Gestational Diabetes | East Valley Moms Blog

The other day a pregnant friend of mine posted on Facebook about taking her 2nd glucose test. It said something about wishing her luck, and how nervous she was. I commented “Hey, I had Gestational Diabetes, if you don’t pass I have some great recipes and resources for you!” more comments started flooding the post about how HORRIBLE it would be, and how it would be AWFUL for this baby and the rest of her pregnancy. At the end of the day, she posted that she was in the clear, and thank goodness she was “safe”.

Suddenly, it all came back to me- the shame and guilt I experienced when I found out I had gestational diabetes. I found that there aren’t many people who will openly talk about their experience with gestational diabetes. Why you ask? Because we feel like it is all our fault. We are in a constant hormonal state of blame. We worry about the health of our baby. We diet and prick our fingers at LEAST 4 times a day. We google the odds of our baby having certain issues. We google what birth will be like with Gestational Diabetes. We may or may not have to start insulin. But mostly, we feel it is ALL OUR FAULT. We were told we got this because of FILL IN THE BLANK HERE. Whether it was we were overweight, we were over 35, we have a relative, or whatever other reason. 

However, here is the thing. 16% of women get gestational diabetes, and while I won’t lie it IS horrible to diet while pregnant and emotional. Gestational Diabetes isn’t HORRIBLE. I’m not HORRIBLE, my baby isn’t HORRIBLE, and she sure isn’t AWFUL. 

As mothers we will do absolutely ANYTHING for our babies- whether they are in the womb or out. I would diet another 9 months if my baby’s health was on the line, and so would you. That’s our super power as a mom. 

Next time you are about tell a pregnant women how HORRIBLE it must be that she could have gestational diabetes, or how horrible it is that she does, DON’T. Next time you want to wave a piece of cake in our face, and say one bite won’t kill you, DON’T. We are ashamed that we are dealing with this, and already feel like it is our fault. We are dieting and checking our blood because we would do ANYTHING for our baby, and so would you.

If you have gestational diabetes, don’t be ashamed. Don’t be afraid. You’ve got this mama! Talk to someone out there who has had it or does have it. Motherhood takes a village, and you can dia-beat-this! 

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