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If I Need Advice I’ll Ask, Otherwise Butt Out!

I’m done.

D-O-N-E. I am no longer explaining my choices as a parent. I shouldn’t have to do so in the first place yet I find myself doing it almost daily in some capacity.

Someone please tell me why as mothers we have to defend and explain every move we make concerning our children? We put them in a music class and someone says, “You know, they’d be much better in a free play class to learn and do as they please.” We set them up with life saving swim lessons, a must in Arizona, and people question why you pay so much. We make specific and well thought out choices for them every day and someone inevitably comes along and craps all over those decisions. Why? Why do others feel the need to be all up in our business when we’re just out here trying to keep tiny humans alive? 

Well, guess what? Too bad! You don’t get to choose or interject whenever you wish. You don’t get to tell me how to raise my children. Additionally, I don’t need you analyzing my every move just to wait for the perfect moment for a comment that should have been kept to yourself. Of course, if I need your advice, opinion or help, I will ask. But until then BUTT OUT.


If I Need Advice I'll Ask, Otherwise Butt Out | East Valley Moms Blog

No more breath shall I waste on explanations or trying to get the naysayers to see a different side of things. Judge away if that’s what you wish. Call me controlling. Call me the wicked witch. But don’t tell me you know it better than me because you don’t.

You don’t spend every day and nearly every waking hour taking care of my child. You don’t know her needs. You are not her parent. You have your parenting style. This is mine. 

Next time you want to ask me ‘why’ as it relates to my parenting, maybe ask me about the weather instead.

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