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Things No One Told Me About Being a New Mom

Things no one told me about being a new mom | East Valley Moms Blog

I have only been a mom for a little over a month. I tried my best to prepare myself for how I would feel and act once my little one arrived into the world. Of course, nothing could prepare me for this new wonderful life of motherhood. Most days I am just winging it. From one new mom to another, here are some things that took me by surprise.

No one told me my life now revolves around breastfeeding.

I am not even sure what I did with my time before breastfeeding. Even when I am not breastfeeding, I am spending time thinking about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a love/hate relationship that I am constantly obsessing over. I knew it would consume my time, but had no idea that my whole day would be planned around the next time my baby would be hungry.

No one told me that I wouldn’t have perfect attendance anymore.

I am a pretty punctual and scheduled person and hate being late to the party. But being a new mommy means you are on newborn baby time. If the little one wants to be fed or drops a deuce anytime in my getting mommy ready window then there is a good chance I’ll be late. I’ve had to learn to just go with the flow and embrace that life happens on my newborn’s time now.

No one told me how real mom guilt is.

I took my first nap after getting home from the hospital. My mother and husband were watching our new baby, she was even sleeping, no big deal. I had the hardest time falling asleep (what if she needs me)! Upon waking up from my hour nap, I cried. I felt so awful that I had taken a nap and wasn’t watching her. I had not expected to feel this way. I knew mom guilt was a thing but had no idea it would be this extreme so early on into my new mommyhood.

No one told me to never say never.

The mommy/newborn rule books are suggestions and not guidelines. I read up about all the things to expect and what to do and not to do with newborns. I went into parenthood thinking I would never let my baby sleep in my bed or I would never give my baby a pacifier before the 1 month rule and so on. Nope, the joke is on me. I have learned to trust my instinct now and do what is best for baby and me; this usually includes breaking the “rules”.

No one told me how much I will use Google.

Before being a mom, I googled questions as much as the next person. I have now used Google for questions about poop, breastfeeding, crying, bathing, sleeping and googled more things than I have in my whole lifetime. I thank my lucky stars every day for being able to get fast answers to my doubting new mom brain. How moms did it before Google I will never know.

No one told me how big your heart grows when you first hold your baby.

I knew it was going to be a life changing moment like everyone said. No one told me how much I needed motherhood and how being a mom to my new baby would make me feel more fulfilled than ever before. No one told me how in love I would be with my perfect baby girl. No one could tell me about being a mom because it is truly an indescribable feeling. Trust me when I say that no matter how much you prepare yourself there will be moments and experiences that all the advice in the world cannot prepare you for and motherhood is one of them.

Being a new mom is tough stuff. Every emotion and experience is a new one. Everyday is a new adventure. We new moms, are still learning and growing. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself and soak in all the new moments with your little one. Don’t be so hard on yourself with trying to be the perfect new mom. Your baby thinks you are perfect, and that is all that matters. 

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