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New baby care packages

I was asked the other day for some ideas on what to get someone who just had a baby. I started typing and came up with a list that made me wished the care package was for me (I had my third baby 6 months ago, still counts, yes?). All jokes aside, I thought I would share the list I came up. Keep in mind, these are ideas. Use them and customize them to fit the mother or father or both.

Care Package Ideas for A New Mom, Dad, or Parents:

  • Their favorite snacks (candy bars, chocolates, chips, etc.)
  • Something to hold a large amount of water that they can keep by their bedside such as a tumbler or a hydroflask. This way, they won’t have to get up so often for water. Staying hydrated is important especially for new mothers.
  • Their favorite magazines (celebrity news, home improvements, recipes, etc). These will help them feel somewhat in-the-know with the world. When you have a newborn, you often times feel isolated and lonely. 
  • Throw blankets and cozy socks. All the comfort a new mother needs.
  • A nice robe to wear around the house/ lounge in because let’s be honest, you don’t really wear normal clothes or any at all when you just had a baby. Right? A new robe to live in for the first few months would be really nice for her.
  • Gift cards to their favorite restaurant. This would be nice for the couple to have when they are ready for their first date after baby.
  • Meals that are oven ready. The newborn baby will keep both mom and dad busy, dinners will be harder to prepare. Having ready made meals will alleviate some of the stress for the parents.
  • Self-care things for mom such as bath bombs, body wash, aromatherapy, candles, and face masks.
  • Calming music. You can do old-school CDs or you can create a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and share it.
  • Something cute for baby. The baby probably has a million things already from the baby shower but a small gift like an outfit or even swaddle blankets would be a nice gesture.
  • A handwritten note. Not a Hallmark card from Target but an actual hand written note. Why? It is more personable. It has your thoughts, your emotions, your love, and your sincerity. Write something encouraging and inspiring. Let mom and dad know they are dong a great job and you are there for any support they need (whenever they need it). Tell them you love them and their baby is the luckiest in the world.

I hope these ideas helped you to create your care package for one amazing and wonderful mother or father, or both. I believe care packages are better when both parents are being thought of. Both mom and dad are rockstars, each equally doing the best they possibly can for their new baby.

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