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Natural Spring Clean Hacks

Natural Spring Clean Hacks | East Valley Moms Blog

Between dreary Winter and soldering Summer comes perfect Spring – the time, especially in our neck of the woods, where there is gorgeous weather to be outside (or leave windows open) to combat some deep cleaning! While there are aisles and aisles of cleaning products in stores, products that you have in a cupboard or under your sink can do just as good of a job (if not better!) 


It is a huge all purpose cleaner for many parts of your home.

Tasks include :

— clothes stains

–deodorizing (for washing machine, toilet)

–clean window blinds (personally I have found this method to be the only one that really works well with removing dust !)

–remove mineral deposits 

–remove grime from wood cabinets 

Baking Soda

Not only is baking soda a wonderful cleaning product, it is also widely used to make products such as dishwasher tablets, melts for the bath, face scrub, etc.

Tasks include :

–deodorizing (refrigerator, shoes, garbage cans)

–to lift oil and grease from garage floor or driveways

–clean pots and pans

–remove crayon from walls 

–clean both microwaves and ovens

–floor and grout cleaner 


Who would have guessed a dish soap would do more than just clean dishes? In a pinch it also makes for great bubbles for the kiddos, when mixed with a bit of water.

Tasks include :

–repelling household insects (I can attest it does a wonderful job, when mixed with water and apple cider vinegar, to get rid of fruit flies!) 

–washing windows (mixed with a little water, my outside windows sparkle!) 

–homemade ice packs 

–paint/grease remover for hands

–non toxic lubricant (sliding glass doors, door knobs,hinges,etc)


Lemons are awesome at freshening things up, deodorizing and some cleaning too.

–can be used to freshen cutting boards, by rubbing a cut lemon over them to remove odor and sanitize the board

–deodorize disposal by tossing peels down the drain

–clean brass, copper and stainless steel 

–polish chrome


Using just these few items alone should knock off a lot from the to-do list! 

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