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No one told me it would be easy…

Being a mom is hard. There are days I want throw in the towel, curl up on the couch and sleep all day. Times I want to sneak away to the bathroom or hide in the pantry just so I have 2 minutes to myself. It can be frustrating, stressful, consuming and overwhelming at times. 
Being in charge of a large family isn't easy.  There are things no one tells you. East Valley Moms Blog
But, it can also be really easy. 
No one ever told me it would be so easy to fall in love. We wait our whole lives waiting to meet “the one” and when we do most of us take our time before saying I love you. But with my babies, it was so easy. So effortless. So natural. The moment I saw each of them I was overcome with a love that I never knew existed. And it only gets stronger as they grow. 
No one ever told me it would be so easy to forgive. I’m super stubborn and can take a while to get over silly things. With my kids I can go from 0 to 100 like that. They spilled an entire jar of paint? Oh heck no. But then they look up with me with those eyes and say something so completely absurd that I’m bursting out laughing. They are so innocent and sincere that I can’t help but get over things. 
No one told me it would be so easy to work harder. When life gets tough it’s human nature to want to give up or just not do something.  When you have kids, you find a way to push through. Whether it’s working more hours to pay for extra dance classes or staying up all night to rub your babies back, you just do it. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for them.
So even though the days may be long  and I know it will get harder to navigate being a mom,  I also know some things are going to be pretty easy. 


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