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Money Can’t Buy Happiness – But it Can Buy This…

I personally think that most people can agree with the idea that just because you have money, it doesn’t equal happiness. 

What money can buy is a gym membership.

When you exercise, it can release those “feel good” endorphins. These endorphins set off a positive feeling in the body. Sometimes when people workout, or get done with an amazing run, they can get a huge rush of endorphins. Or better known as “runner’s high”.
According to WebMD, these endorphins can also give you a positive outlook on life. It can make you find some sort of happiness.

Money Can't Buy Happiness- But it can buy you this... | East Valley Moms Blog

If I consistently make time to go to the gym, my depression is SO much easier to manage. Even if I feel myself starting to dip down into that low feeling, exercising helps me keep it at bay.

What also tends to help me even more, is if I workout in a group or with a friend. Even if I’m not talking or interacting much with them, I still have that social support. I feel so empowered when I workout within a group. That exciting feeling when the instructor is getting everyone pumped, and everyone is dripping sweat. It’s such a great vibe. 

As a mom, more specifically a mom who struggles with her mental health, I need those extra endorphins. Sometimes medication is not enough, and I realize I have to do more than take a pill every day. I make sure I set aside time for myself, and even occasionally find myself showering at the gym just to get an extra 15 minutes to myself before heading to work. 

It’s what works for me, and helps me stay happy. 

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