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Odysea Mirror Maze review + {giveaway}

EVMB Odysea Mirror Maze review + giveaway!

 *This is a sponsored post.  I received admission to the mirror and laser maze in exchange for my review. However, all opinions expressed are my own*

Last weekend I was able to check out the Odysea Mirror & Laser Maze!  Its located in Scottsdale right off the north 101 in the same complex as Butterfly Wonderland.  I had no idea it was there!  I wanted to get a good idea of who would enjoy this place so i had my sister and her 3 children tag along.  We had 6 kids ages 2-12 to test this place out. I am nothing but thorough. 🙂

We walked in and were welcomed by the staff.  Very friendly and answered all my questions and they didn’t hover, so that was a huge plus for me.  We went through the mirror maze first.  They handed us gloves to put on and at first i was confused, but its SO SMART, you’ll be moving your hands around and don’t want to leave smudges and finger prints all over and ruin the surprise for others. It was a good call! They gave us some instructions and we were off!

EVMB Odysea Mirror Maze review + giveaway!When we first walked in it was so trippy!  My sister and I were laughing so hard cause we couldn’t figure out if that was a mirror kid or the real deal.  At one point we thought we were talking face to face, it turned out we were not. LOL!

EVMB Odysea Mirror Maze review + giveaway!It didn’t take long to get through the maze, 10-15 minutes.  After we came out we went through again, but this time we were given a challenge.  We had to look for 5 butterflies in the maze, they mentioned that one was pretty simple to find but the others were a little trickier, and yes, they were tricky to find!  I won’t give away the secret but we were excited when we finally found them!  The kids really loved having the butterfly challenge on top of the challenge of not smacking into a mirror.  2nd time through 15-20 minutes.

EVMB Odysea Mirror Maze review + giveaway!     EVMB Odysea Mirror Maze review + giveaway!

After the mirror maze we took a turn in the laser maze!  The older ones really enjoyed this one! We purchased extra tickets to go a few more times.  I thought it was great that they have a lounge area and a TV set up so you could watch someone navigate through the maze and cheer them on.  It was pretty entertaining stuff. It only takes a minute or two to go through the maze. The faster you go, and with out touching a laser the better your score.

EVMB Odysea Mirror Maze review + giveaway!

While the kids were laser mazing, I checked out their birthday party rooms.  They have two theme rooms, The Spy room, and The Jungle room (which goes with the amazon/jungle theme mirror maze).  I think this would be a fun and different birthday party experience.  For more information on birthday packages/pricing click HERE.

EVMB Odysea Mirror Maze review + giveaway! Oh, and outside every weekend in the cooler months they said between end of October – April(maybe May) they have a bouncy house for the public. They have a lot of benches and seating in the shade so its a great spot to take a break.

EVMB Odysea Mirror Maze review + giveaway!

At the end of our visit I asked each kid what they thought:

2 year old- cried and I held him for most the time, his favorite part was sitting on the spinning floor in the mirror maze
5 year old- her favorite part was the bouncy house
7 year old- she loved the laser maze and finding the butterflies in the mirror maze
9 year old- she thought the mirror maze was crazy weird(in a good way) and loved doing back bends in the laser maze
10 year old- he said that mirror maze was like being in a different dimension, he thought that was pretty cool
12 year old- he liked the laser maze the best. he was happy to make the #2 spot on level Hard.

Overall the kids had an awesome time, and as a parent that’s always important to me.  If the kids are having a great time then I’m happy.  I thought it was a lot of fun for us adults too. I can see some serious competitions with the laser maze and the mirror maze was a blast to get through.

It is a bit of a drive for me coming from San Tan Valley, but it didn’t take too long to get there I could hit freeways most the way.  If you are in the area or already maybe planning on taking a trip to Butterfly Wonderland next door, stop in a check out this exciting and different family experience.  We had a wonderful time and huge thank you to Odysea Mirror Maze for letting our crazy bunch take over for a bit

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