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Self-Love September sponsored by Luxe Salon and Spa : Making time for YOU!

As moms we tend to put everyone else first.  It’s a selfless act of love to our husbands, partners, children, friends, or family. But it’s time to make time for YOU!

SLS NikiWhy Self-Care Is Important

Fact: it is imperative to take time to yourself for self-care.  Self-care is any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Since I started practicing, I realized that it is something that I need, not only for myself, but what I do to care for myself trickles down to my family. It regenerates me, makes me feel happier and better about myself, and gives me more peace in my day.

I know it can be hard to find the time with our busy and hectic lives, but trust me, this is something you must do. I cannot stress enough how important this is to your well being. If you find it difficult at first to put aside time for yourself, then just start with 5 or 10 minutes a day and add to that as time goes on and you get used to it.  I also always start my day with a positive affirmation to try to set the tone for the rest of my day.



There are so many different ways to show yourself some love!  Don’t forget we have a great checklist this month to help guide you this month (available here) but here are a few more ideas :

  • Write in a journal. I find writing to be very therapeutic and it’s a great way to capture your emotions, put them on paper and feel better once it’s out.
  • Positive affirmations. I actually downloaded a free app so that I can get a positive affirmation everyday. On stressful days, I repeat it to myself throughout the day.
  • Relaxation techniques or meditation. I downloaded a free app called “Breathe.” What I love about this is that you can log your emotion for the day and it will give you audio meditations to listen to depending on your mood. Trust me, just taking 5 minutes to do this will calm and refresh you!
  • Yoga. It is known for it’s calming techniques and mindfulness….not to mention it is a great workout!
  • Medical care: I have many friends who won’t take the time to go see a doctor when they are sick because of being busy. STOP! I don’t care what you have to do, but set aside the time to get yourself healthy. If you are not healthy, you will run yourself down and then you really won’t be able to take care of things.
  • Speaking of friends: cut out those negative Nelly’s in your life. You know who they are. They are those people who are negative, create drama, and only call you when they need something. Trust me, your life will be much more peaceful once they are gone!
  • Sleep: this is so important because if you are walking around feeling like a zombie, what good are you to anyone? Our bodies need sleep to keep us functioning and healthy.
  • See a therapist or counselor. Sometimes just talking with someone for an hour about your problems will just make you feel better and refreshed….and you may even come away with some techniques to help you get through his thing called life.
  • Go to breakfast or lunch with a friend, get a manicure or pedicure, browse Target for an hour by yourself, plant a garden, go hiking, get a massage, read, go to the movies with friends…the list is endless!

Now, I know some of you mama’s will say that you really do not have the luxury to take this time to yourself. You WILL find time for things that are important to you. My therapist said this to me and at first I really didn’t like it!  I find time for myself daily because I know it is important to my physical and mental health. If I feel good about myself, love myself and care for myself, then I can care for those around me much better and on a different level. So stop making excuses and give yourself this time to love yourself because You. Deserve. It.

I would love to hear how you show yourself some love!

East Valley Moms Blog “Self-Love September” Series will shed light on various topics of self-love and self-care. Our writing team will include personal stories of how we care for our bodies and spirits, as well as the importance of coming from a place of self-love when doing so. Thank you to Luxe Salon & Spa for sponsoring our series and helping Moms & Women of the East Valley look their best! 



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