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Make it Monday | Magical Unicorn Costumes

Make it Monday | Magical Unicorn Costumes | East Valley Moms Blog

Keep calm and Unicorn!

What I love about the “fall” weather here is that we can actually celebrate Halloween. Growing up in Oregon the only thing scary about Halloween was it always rained! Thus my costume would be covered up by a rain jacket or an umbrella while I was trick or treating.

Halloween is also my favorite holiday. I love to get inspired by different looks on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Now that I have a little goblin (kid) it makes it even better because we can celebrate and make magical looks together. Not to mention as a big Bonus Lena just so happened to be born on Nov 3rd, so I think every year we will just have a costume party for her. My goal is to have a collection of cute dress up looks through the years of Lena and I. Then when she is 18 I can embarrass her by having a bunch of t-shirts made of us over the years!

Last year my besties came up from Oregon and as families we decided to do animal themes. My family was safari themed Lena was a lion, husband was a tourist, and I was a safari guide. Besties were rich chicken farmers with a chicken and other besties were park rangers with a bear.

Make it Monday | Magical Unicorn Costumes | East Valley Moms Blog

Not to Mention Pumpkin everything; pumpkin muffins, pumpkins spice, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pie and jack o lanterns. Sense my little ghoul is so young we just bingo dabber, sharpie, or finger paint our pumpkins.

This year I decided sense unicorns are so popular to create a simple unicorn look.

Follow the recipe below for some Unicorn Magic of your very own and remember the great things about unicorns are no two are alike!

Make it Monday | Magical Unicorn Costumes | East Valley Moms Blog

Unicorn Horn:

Felt, string/ribbon, cotton balls, glue gun, fake flowers

  1. Take your square of felt and roll it into a cone structure. Don’t over think it the shape will happen. Follow this link for visual: UNICORN HORN TUTORIAL
  2. Hot glue the area of the cone to hold shape and determine the length of the horn and cut accordingly.
  3. Stuff horn with cotton balls.
  4. Close bottom of horn with felt and Wrap with ribbon.
  5. Attach ribbon to the horn to make a headband.
  6. Attach Ears, flower, accessories.
  7. Wear your horn around and pretend to be unicorns for the rest of the day.Make it Monday | Magical Unicorn Costumes | East Valley Moms Blog

Unicorn Tail:

Yarn, tape, safety pin

  1. Take 9-12 strings all the same length and braid them together.
    Follow this link for visuals: UNICORN TAIL TUTORIAL
  2. Repeat this step to where you now have 3 braided tails.
  3. Braid them together and attach to costume.Make it Monday | Magical Unicorn Costumes | East Valley Moms Blog


  1. Use pinks as a base and apply to areas you would apply bronzer.
  2. Use a makeup pencil to add dots and stars to face.
  3. Use Vaseline to apply loose glitter to above eyebrow area and neck/décolletage area.
  4. Use pencil or eye shadow to color eyebrows.
  5. Add jewels or whatever else your unicorn soul desires

Bonus Look OLD lady gang:

Lena was not having it but I think you guys get the idea.Make it Monday | Magical Unicorn Costumes | East Valley Moms Blog


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    Carma October 9, 2018 at 7:49 pm #

    So fun! I love unicorns. I also had problems around Halloween growing up in Idaho. We were lucky if it hadn’t snowed… it was Suu could that we had to wear sweat pants and puffy (80s style of course) jackets.

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