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Local Restaurants To Ring In The Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is on February 16, 2018. This is the year of the Dog.

Photo by Lalitphat Phunchuang on Unsplash

Chinese New Year is celebrated in other Asian cultures aside from China. Traditionally the celebrations consists of festivals, family gatherings, and of course feasting. The Chinese believe that Red is a lucky color and money is given in red Chinese envelopes for good luck. How cute are these red envelopes with little puppy dogs!Chinese Red Envelopes


Another tradition is to give the house a deep clean and ‘rid’ of any unwanted things that you don’t want to take into the new year. Even the Thai side of my family takes part in some of the celebrations for Chinese new year.  Mainly the eating part, because who doesn’t love a good Chinese dinner?

If you’re like me and my family and would love a good Chinese meal to ring in the new year, I have a few restaurants here in the Valley that will help you do that!

Mekong Palace

This is the first place I went to in the valley for dim sum and for the most part it’s been excellent. My only complaint is that it does get busy early on the weekends, and getting the attention of the dim sum carts can be frustrating if you don’t speak Chinese. Mekong Palace also has traditional Chinese BBQ, (Pork and Duck), and fresh seafood. The Mekong plaza itself is where I do my Asian grocery shopping, and my kids love seeing all the interesting things here 🙂

Phoenix Palace

Another restaurant for cart style dim sum, and menu order items. Similar to Mekong Palace, this place does get busy on the weekends for dim sum, but once you are seated, you can start ordering off the carts right away. You will see dishes like chicken feet and tripe, so just be prepared for that.

Shaanxi Garden 

This Chinese restaurant is Hot and New! I personally have not been here, but just in the 2 months they have been open, there’s been lots of positive reviews. The menu boasts traditional chinese dishes and hand pulled noodles. The pictures of the interior look nice and clean, which is always a positive. I can’t wait to try the Shaanxi style noodles!

China Magic Noodle House

Here you can also enjoy hand pulled noodles and even watch them make it fresh! China Magic noodle house is known for the large variety of noodle soups and dry noodle dishes, along with made to order steam bun and dumplings.

Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant

If you’re looking for fun night of singing, drinks, and food, then Singing Pandas will deliver that. This restaurant offers live entertainment, a full bar, and a variety of Asian and Chinese dishes. This looks like a great place for a group or date night!

Who else is getting hungry?? I can’t wait to take the family out to celebrate!

Do you have a favorite restaurant? Drop it in the comments below.

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