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A Little Boy & A Blue Pom Pom

Readers beware:

This story is a real life experience of a mom and her son. There may be details that are gross, but just be thankful you were not around when it happened. With fair warning I’ll proceed… This is a story of how Google helped this mamma solve her problem of a little boy who smelled.

After almost two and a half years I feel like I know my guy pretty well. I know he is adventurous at the playground, very timid around dogs (ok, he screams like a little girl around dogs), and that he LOVES gummy bears. Until…

The Day it all Started:

One afternoon I noticed that he had a little runny nose. Not a big deal since we had just been to the dentist and they said his final molar had popped through, therefore just a little runny nose from teething, right? Or so this momma thought. I did all the mom things “blow you nose” or “blow harder” and even got out the electric suction. Thought to myself, good enough!

I was heading off on a glamping trip with some friends, so I just told my husband to keep an eye on him so that he didn’t get any worse or start coughing. But…when I came home 2 days later I went to get a BIG hug from my little guy and noticed that he smelled. Hmmmm… Did he brush his teeth? Dad said “yep!” So why does he smell?? Just to make sure we go and brush his teeth again.
The next day I shower the munchkin, brush his teeth; give him breakfast before heading out the door to a meeting where he’ll get to play with some of his friends. As I buckle him in, it’s there AGAIN! My child stinks!!! Ahhhh, he is going to be the stinky kid that nobody wants to play with. He’s not even a teenager and he already smells!?! This is going to rough raising a boy! But I need to get to my meeting so off we go.

Finally Figuring it Out:

Later that day, which is 4 days after I noticed the start of the runny nose, I decided to Google “why a toddler stinks?” just to see what it says. My options were 1) sinus infection 2) gum infection of 3) something may be stuck up your child’s nose. Hmmm…well it could be option one since he has that runny nose. Option two is out since we just went to the dentist and got a clean bill of health when it comes to his teeth and gums. So, that left me to ponder option number 3. I had not seen him put anything up his nose, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something there, am I right Moms?!?!
As we were having snack I realized that smell again. I just had to figure out if there was something up his nose or we were going to be heading to the doctor to find out why this child smells. Now let me tell you this kid was a trooper. After some initial investigating I thought I may have found something. I went and got a tweezer to see if I could pull it out since blowing his nose didn’t seem to do anything. With a slight gaging I put the tweezer up his nose and pulled out a little blue string. Why, that’s odd?? Let’s try this one more time. Again, gagging, I try again and out came a small blue craft pompom.

So all this to say…

GROSS! Watch your kids around the craft table and if they start smelling, even after a shower, you may want to check their little noses.

And please tell me that this has happened to someone else out there! 🙂

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