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LEGO KidsFest Review **Sponsored Post**

This is a sponsored post. I received 4 tickets to the LEGO KidsFest in exchange for my review however all opinions are my own.



The kiddos and I had the opportunity to check out the LEGO KidsFest at University Of Phoenix Stadium on Friday night!  The expo was made up of 26, yes 26 different areas for the kids to explore!



We love the LEGO Superheroes in our house so they loved the larger than life Batman, Superman and of course Wonder Woman!



My budding artist, Madison was really excited to make her own creation for the LEGO Art Gallery!  So many fun photos were up on the wall already!


Due to time constraints and the fact her 5 year old brother was bouncing around like a ping pong ball she kept it simple with just the letter “M.”

We all enjoyed the beginning of Creation Nation!  You could build whatever you wanted on your LEGO platform and then hand it off for them to add to the LEGO city being built!  I would have loved to seen what it looked like towards the end of the day on Sunday.



LEGO Friends was of course a big hit as well.  I wish there were pretty pink LEGOS when I was growing up!


Our visit wouldn’t have been complete without spotting Emmett and Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie (a household favorite).  The line for photos was really long so on the way by Emmett posed for the photo for me!


Things we loved about LEGO Kidsfest:
*the expo was well laid out and all areas clearly marked
*tons to do-maybe almost too much? You could spend hours there building and building!
*All of the favorite LEGO sets were well represented
*The Model Museum was AMAZING! Personally it was my favorite part. Master Builders are so cool!

Things we didn’t necessarily love:
*in the areas where you could build it would have been helpful if someone took note of when a creation was abandoned so a new one could be made from the bricks. A few times my kiddos felt like they couldn’t build anything because they didn’t want to destroy what someone else had worked hard on.
*some additional seating for parents other than the floor. sure part of the goal is to also interact which we did but man my legs were tired!

All in all we loved the LEGO Kidsfest and hope that you will too! It has since left Phoenix but to find out other areas of the country they will visit please visit their website Lego Kidsfest.


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