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Kid approved websites for fun & learning!

Kid approved websites for fun & learning

When i want my children to learn something from me, i can’t really tell if its getting through or not.  Any other parents out there notice this with their children?  My kids love to learn, just not from me. (it could also be i don’t have a great deal of patience. i’m working on that.) What am i to do!? The answer of course, the internet.

When my oldest became a big sister at the age of 2, i just didn’t have the time, or brain power to give her the full attention she needed to learn her basics, colors, alphabet, numbers,…etc.  I worked with her often and i did my best but i knew she needed more.   I remembered a site i had seen while working at an elementary school so i looked it up and we’ve been using in ever sense.

It’s a free educational learning site (you can also pay to get more from the site) that has helped my kids learn the basics and more! This has been a go to site for years with my children.  My 2 year old son will come up to me and point to the computer and say “A. apple” in his cute wittle voice, to tell me he’s ready to get his starfall on.



My older girls ages 7 & 5 can navigate the site them selves with ease.  They actually learned how to use a mouse using this website around 2 years old.  Its a perfect site for when your little ones are begging to play on the computer but you don’t want them to be playing mindless games.  They are having fun and learning at the same time!  I especially love having them use this site during the summer months when they are just soooooooo bored and its too hot to play outside.

Starfall is where it all began but of course we’ve found other sites that my kids love to learn on! Check out these other great sites that are perfect for fun and learning!




highlight kids

Dr. Seuss Seussville 


I have all their sites bookmarked on the browser so they just open the laptop and go.  And just a friendly reminder to monitor all your child’s online activity!

What are your favorite kid friendly sites you use at home? 

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend friends!!

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2 Responses to Kid approved websites for fun & learning!

  1. Val September 15, 2015 at 8:46 am #

    Thanks for sharing this list. I’ve been trying to find some free sites for my pre-K child to get a head start and these are perfect!

    • Erica Jenkins
      Erica Jenkins September 16, 2015 at 2:02 pm #

      So glad you like the list! They helped my kids so much! I used these a lot when i was doing mommy preschool and still using them!

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