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Joining A Gym 101

Joining a gym can be very daunting. There are many details to think through: location, price, childcare, type of classes offered, hours of operation, and cost of trainers. Here are some tips to help you find the best gym for you!

Thinking about joining a gym?  Tips for what to look for before you commit!Why sign up? Everyone has a reason as to why they go to the gym. Is it for overall health, training for a sport or upcoming race, weight loss, etc. Be sure to understand your goal for joining a gym and know what your ideal gym would offer. Consider any medical conditions you may have and if the gym is accommodating to you (i.e. a pool).

Location: Having a gym close to your home, school or work makes it easier to squeeze in a workout on time-budgeted days. So decide what time of day you will be able to work out most often. Does the morning work best? Pick a gym close to the house. On your lunch break? Find a gym right by the office.

Equipment/Classes: When you work out do you prefer to work out in a group or by yourself? Do you like to lift weights or are you looking for an instructor/trainer lead class? Some gyms have just weights and a small number of cardio equipment, some smaller gyms offer group training classes that you sign up to go at a certain time, while others may have options for the whole family.

Operating Hours: Is the gym open when you need it to be? (Early mornings, weekends, or at 1am) Learn what the peak hours are and if you feel like it’s too crowded, maybe you should consider a smaller/private gym.

What are people saying? Read online reviews and talk to your friends about where they go and why they like their gym.

Staff, Instructors & Trainers: Do they welcome you as you walk into the gym? I love when you walk in and you hear the staff member’s using members first names. Are the Trainers and Instructors certified and professionally qualified? This is very important, especially if you have any exercise restrictions (knee, hips, shoulder or heart rate)

Cleanliness: Ask how often machines and weights are cleaned. Also be sure to check out the locker rooms. If you are looking for childcare, this is probably one of the most important areas to check.

Cost: Range from $10 – $100 per month. So ask about different levels of memberships they offered? Are the more expensive memberships worth it? Maybe, if you want to take specific classes, go to multiple locations, or use the gym child care program.

Try it for free! Most gyms offer a week free trial to see if their gym is a good fit for you. Be sure to use it before paying so you know what you are getting!

Most importantly you want to use your gym membership. Stick with your exercise routine for more than just a couple of weeks. You need be consistent to feel good and see the fruits of your labor. Need help staying motivated? Check out:

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Do you have a favorite gym? Give them a shout out below and tell us why you love your gym.

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