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It’s Hard Work, but I Love Having Twins

If you’re new around here, I am a mom to 4, including 3 year-old twins. I have shared a lot of my experiences with twins, including the ups and downs of day to day life. But I don’t think I have ever shared what I love about having twins. Everyday is a roller coaster ride, especially with three year-olds, but when we are on the highs of the roller coaster ride, I am constantly reminded why I love having twins.  

First, they always have a built in friend. Luckily, they have someone to keep them entertained. I love watching them play together, and watching them chat about whatever made up game they are playing. Often times, one is the mommy and one is the daddy and they are using baby dolls as their kids. They go to work and drive their cars. It is the best watching them interact and watching them grow up together.

Another thing I love is the special bond they have. They are always looking out for each other and making sure that the other is okay and not being picked on (that is of course unless they are picking on each other.) They seem to have a sixth sense and can usually detect when one is hurt or crying. They will come and tell me if the other needs something. I always know when they are together they will be okay.

I also love they way they just understand each other. They will talk to each other so fast without even missing a beat. If they are ever talking to me and I can’t understand one of them, the other twin will interpret for him/her until I understand what they are saying. Although they have two very different personalities, I know they will have a great relationship for the rest of their life.  

Up until I found out I was pregnant with twins, I never imagined I could have twins. I always thought it would be too hard, too exhausting, that I would be a terrible twin mom.  I always wondered how twin parents split up their time so that neither child felt left out. While it definitely hasn’t been easy, it has been so rewarding. I cannot wait to watch as they continue to grow and develop, and see how they interact as they go to school. I think everyone should have twins, it is definitely hard work but totally worth it!

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