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Is turning 30 really so bad?

When you ask people how they feel about turning 30, everyone seems to have an answer. The age 30 is a hot topic! 

This month I will be thirty, I know how I feel about it, and I was curious to see how others felt about turning 30. 

So, I went to the most reliable source for answers, Facebook. 😉 

I asked:  How did/do you feel about turning 30?

I was overwhelmed with the amount of responses that I received.  50+ comments and replies from friends and family.  There was a mix of good, bad, funny and sad. Here are just a few of the responses. 


I really struggled with turning 30. I felt like I was losing part of my identity, being the young mom. It was when I was turning 33 that I was finally okay with being in my 30’s. -Michelle M. 


I think turning 30 is a significant marker in life. I was able to look at what I’ve accomplished, look at what I still have yet to accomplish and see how I’m doing in life. If my 20’s are when decisions were made and a path was chosen, turning 30 signifies my reaping the benefits I guess.- Tyson O. 


My 30’s have been WAY better than my 20’s. Age is definitely just a number but I think our circumstances lead us to believe otherwise.- Crystal M. 


I had been 30 for one day… ONE DAY! When I tried to act like a teenager again at a trampoline park and ended up in physical therapy with a rotator cuff injury. It was like life saying, “welcome to your 30’s!” – Jennifer R. 

So, how do I feel about turning 30? 

I am down right excited about it! When I turned 25 I was, finally, that much closer to 30 and I could not wait! I could definitely relate to what my friend Alexis responded with…

Honestly, it’ll be a relief. All of my friends where I live are at least 30 so maybe then I’ll be “legit.” Everyone is surprised to hear I’m still in my twenties and sometimes I get embarrassed! – Alexis S. 

I’m excited, as she put it, to be legit. LOL. I’ll be too legit to quit. 🙂

Some make changes in their life, some cry for the past, while others embrace where they are and welcome 30 with open arms.  Where do you stand about 30? 



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2 Responses to Is turning 30 really so bad?

  1. Shirley March 14, 2017 at 8:56 pm #

    Maybe I was more of an “old soul,” but turning 30 was just another birthday for me! I think I’m a little more sad about the few gray hairs that I’m getting (which I currently pluck when I find, but that can’t go on forever . . . ) that I was about turning 30.

    • Erica Jenkins
      Erica Jenkins March 15, 2017 at 9:25 pm #

      I love that! Thank you for sharing, “old soul”! 😉 I’m excited but definitely not going over the top because its 30, I worry more about my kids birthdays than my own. 🙂 I’ve gotten one gray hair and it was in my eyebrow of all places! LOL! I’m wondering too when I’ll be getting more.

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