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Ideas For Showing Love in Your Kid’s Lunch

For some of us, our kids have reached school-age and we are having to have a routine for making lunches. Whether you feel it is fun or a chore, these few ideas of showing love in your kid’s lunch might be an easy way to make it more fun for both of you. Not to mention, with Valentine’s day just around the corner, you can try some of these ideas throughout February for fun!

Here are a few ideas, and be sure to comment if you have your own special way to show love and enjoy the task of making lunch for your kids!

kids lunch ideas


1. Love Notes

They don’t have to be fancy…just get some cardstock, washi tape or stickers. In a matter of seconds, you can write a simple encouraging word and decorate it specifically for your child on any day. Some simple sayings you might use:

“I love you!”

“Have a great day”

“Good luck on your test!”

“I am thinking of you”

“You are special to me”

straws from Two Berry Creative

straws from Two Berry Creative

2. Easy Straw Shapes

Punch a shape/heart out of cardstock and make 2 small slits with a crafting knife. Slide it on some festive paper straws and stick one in their lunch bag! Instant fun!

3. Decorate Your Own Paper Bags

This one is fun if you have small kids you want to involve. Let them draw or paint on a few bags and they will be excited to use them during the week. Use a border punch or decorative scissors to add a design to the edge or make the bag shorter. This doubles as a craft and useful way to pack a lunch!

kids lunch ideas

4. Confetti

This could be a fun idea for older kids… and remember you are not trying to make a huge mess for your child to clean up! Just punch a few small hearts and add them in, maybe rolled up in the napkin.

5. Making it Fun!

Use different containers, silicone cups or decorative toothpicks to make eating certain foods fun. Little kids especially love the silicone cups because they are a convenient size and fit into a lot of other containers. Try a variety of snacks that are bite-sized.

kids lunch ideas

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