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How to Holiday Gift Wrap Like A Boss


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Us mamas turn into elves, the glitter is filling up the craft tables, and it’s the perfect time to use your creativity when packaging up all those gifts you’ve been putting together in Santa’s workshop. We’ve got a few tips to make this part of the holiday season extra special, so put on your tshirt with a cute saying, pump the “Hipster Holiday” station on Spotify-and let’s get the gift wrap party started!


First up, gift wrap station! Yes-seriously. I see you rolling your eyes! But I really am suggesting a dedicated area. Get organized early, and your wrapping time will be cut in half.


My all time favorite spot to grab adorable (and THICK-thick is key) gift wrap is TJMaxx/Homegoods. Go with a theme. This year I am doing gold & animal prints. Super holiday glitz without being red and green. I picked four options that all coordinate under the tree. I wrap and use beautiful ribbons to coordinate all the gifts. I also always, always and forever use clear cellophane wrap to bundle up a few smaller gifts. Add garland, velvet ribbon, and a little *wink as I call it. This could be a small ornament, a nutcracker, or a piece of candy.  


Next up: break out the glitter & scissors. Open up Pinterest and search “printable free holiday gifttags.” Print those bad boys up, add to cardstock and get to adding that special touch. Here and here are some good ones.

groupI also love to rubber stamp and use pearl or crystal stickers on pages from a cute notepad I have lying around. It’s all this extra time and effort that really shows around the holidays. Because it is all done with love!!! That is what makes these little treats extra special-promise. Tag us @eastvalleymomsblog and show us your gift wrap-we’d love some new creative ideas from our readers!!! Happy Holidays, Mama Elves!!! 

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  1. Roe perkett
    Roe perkett December 13, 2016 at 11:24 pm #

    Great suggestions and love that im not the only one with a dedicated gift wrapping station! ?

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