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Grill Like A Pro This Summer

Hot Summer days call for weekends at home, swimming, and grilling on the patio. You really can’t beat the aroma of food sizzling on the grill, its enough to make your mouth water. Nothing can kill this vibe quicker than an overdone, dried out, or charred piece of meat. We’ve all experienced this one time or another, but I have 3 essential tips that will help you to grill like a Pro this Summer!

Last year we invested in a ceramic grill, also called a Kamado. Since then my hubby has developed a slight obsession with grilling and smoking. Prior to this, he was a throw the meat on the grill and hope for the best kind of guy. We all know this is a very hit or miss type of attempt, however now he’s smoked tender brisket, fall off the bone ribs, and pulled pork that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. He loves that the Kamado is versatile in that you can smoke large pieces of meat at a low temperature overnight, or crank it up to 800 degrees to make pizzas. This type of grill isn’t for everyone and more common grills are gas and charcoal. Regardless of the type of grill you have, or your Pit Boss level, here are a few expert grilling tips that will help elevate your recipes this Summer.

  1. Chicken and Beef Kabobs grilled on indirect heatIndirect heat is your best friend- Meat that has been charred excessively by the flames of the grill can leave the meat under cooked on the inside. Cooking on indirect heat does take longer but it results in meat that is perfectly cooked without tasting burned. To cook on indirect heat for a gas grill have the outside burners on medium and the middle burner turned off. The middle burner can now be used for indirect heat. On a charcoal grill, you can either use a heat deflector, or have all the coals on one side and cook on the non-coal side.  If you’re cooking a steak or pork chop and want them seared, you can do so either in the beginning or the end for about a minute on direct flame and the reaming cooking time on indirect heat. This will give you nice grill marks and still render a juicy piece of meat.
  2. Invest in an instant digital thermometer- The best way to know when your meat is done is to check the internal temperature. These days you can find digital thermometers for less than $20. This will allow you to remove your meat from the grill at the exact time it’s done cooking. Also keep in mind that the temperature will increase 5-10 degrees during resting, which I’ll cover next. Overcooking meat results in dryness, and under cooking poultry can be a health hazard. The instant digital thermometer is a grilling essential.
  3. Let your meat rest!  This is the final and most important step in grilling and cooking meat in general. Let meat (Chicken, Beef, or Pork), rest for at least 5-10 minutes. If you’re cooking a large piece of meat then this time will need to be extended. The reasoning behind this is when the meat is removed from heat, it needs time to redistribute its juices as it cools down. If you cut right into a piece of meat immediately after taking it off the grill, you will see all the flavorful juices running out. Letting it rest prevents the juices from running out and results in juicer and flavorful meat. I know its hard but trust me, the wait time will be worth it!

Try out these 3 essential tips for your next cookout and you’ll be grilling like a pro in no time!


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