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Go from FLAB to FAB at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute {Sponsored}


This is a sponsored post. Although compensated, all opinions are my own.

JOL Waiting Room

Photo courtesy of: Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute

When you walk in to the Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute, you don’t feel like you are walking into a typical medical office at all. Maybe the contemporary look at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute is due to Dr. Olson’s contemporary perspective and knowledge of current methodologies in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.  The walls are pristine white and the entry to the back rooms are made of glass. The furnishings are fun and contemporary. The office is very clean and minimalist in design.

Located in Gilbert, AZ, the Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute offers plastic surgery procedures for the face, body and breasts such as liposuction and mommy makeovers. There are also med spa services offered such as injections and body sculpting.

Dr. Olson received his medical degree from the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine in 2008. He is board certified plastic surgeon who uses advanced techniques, leading edge technology and rigorous safety standards to produce beautiful results, and a gratifying experience for his patients. He treats his patients with respect and compassion, explaining things thoroughly during his consultations and putting you at ease by being knowledgeable and very honest about procedures. Dr. Olson believes that plastic surgery should enhance his patients quality of life by making them look and feel their best.

When given the opportunity to experience a service at Dr. Olson’s office, I chose CoolSculpting®. This is a procedure that essentially freezes, crystallizes and destroys body fat cells to be eliminated out of the body over a course of weeks. I work out 5-6 times a week and while I am not extreme about my diet, I try to eat healthy often. When I had my daughter three years ago, I topped the scale at 204 lbs. Psychologically, this put me in a place where I was DETERMINED to get into the best shape of my life. I worked really hard to change my body since having my daughter but I was still left with areas of stubborn fat, particularly my thighs and stomach. CoolSculpting® is a procedure for people like myself experiencing the same challenges. It is a fat contouring procedure without surgical liposuction. That means no downtime, no scars and no anesthesia! To see how CoolSculpting® works, click here.


Photo Courtesy of: Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute

As a procedure virgin, I was excited to try CoolSculpting® but I was also a little nervous. After sitting and consulting with Dr. Olson, I was ready for my first procedure. First off, I took some before photos and got all marked up for where the machine would be placed. I was then taken back to the room where the wonder machine was and sat on a very comfy chair. With NetFlix remote in hand, they got started. The first part was putting a VERY cold protective film on my stomach. I likened it to getting into a very cold pool with a bikini on.

The machine itself is about the size of a copier with a long hose and a suction contraption at the tip of the hose. Dr. Olson carefully placed the suction part on my abdomen in a swift motion and up my fat went into the machine. There was an “ouch” factor but it wasn’t excruciating. The first few minutes, it was uncomfortable. But once that first few minutes passed, my skin went numb and I forgot it was even there. While I watched Transformers (side note: I love Mark Wahlberg!). I actually dose off a few times. The one side took about an hour. When they came in and removed the suction, my skin plopped out like a fat blob of frozen mess. It was not pretty but a bit comical. They massaged my stomach for a few minutes and that was the last uncomfortable portion of the procedure. Then the exact procedure was repeated on the other side of my abdomen. The procedure itself took about a total of just over two hours.

The first day after the procedure, my abdomen felt fine until I bumped into something. Then I had this weird sensation that I could only explain as freezer burn. It is almost a week later and there is still some tingling numbness but it subsides more and more each day. I will post an update on my results in a few weeks!

If you are looking into doing any kind of plastic surgery or med spa procedures, I encourage you to visit:

And make an appointment with Dr. Olson to discuss your needs. The Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute can be reached at: (480) 466-7355 and their office is located at:

1482 E Williams Field Rd b101
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Or find them on Facebook!


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