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7 Friends We All Need on our Motherhood Journey

This mom thing is tough. No matter what age or stage your kids are at, it’s full of ups and downs. Having people around you helps make it suck less, and definitely brings the fun level up! Whether you call them your tribe, your village or your sisters, here’s 7 types of friends we all need at some point in our journey through motherhood!

7 Friends All Moms Need | East Valley Moms Blog

For the safety of my friendships, I will refrain from categorizing my friends publicly. 😉

The 7 Friends We Need

Pinterest Queen

She’s the queen of the craft space, wearing a one of a kind t-shirt that she “whipped up” last night. She’s the one with the organized pantry, the well-thought out birthday party (down to personalized backpacks as goody bags), the one who stays up til 2am hot-gluing googly eyes on apple sauce containers for a class party. You want to hate her because you feel like a shmuck for giving a Starbucks gift card in a store bought card for Teacher Appreciation because you forgot about it until that morning, but she won’t rub it in your face. She’ll invite you over for a paint party, and help you decorate a cute board to hang on your porch and never judge your un-craftiness (or lack of a craft room).

Sunshine Sally

She’s always so darn happy. Always. A smile on her face, a peaceful glow about her, she’s got this life thing handled with grace. She’s your light on the days you’re frazzled, ready to run away to the circus. She brings you back to yourself, reminds you that you do love your children and that they will grow out of this stage, faster than you think, and the circus is still filled with wild monkeys, so you might as well live with the ones you created.

No Drama Mama

She takes no crap from anyone, and tells it like it is. She doesn’t get involved in PTO cliques, playground wars, or gossip in the school pickup line, she is the original Honey Badger. She’ll call you out on your BS, hold you accountable and do the same for anyone else in your group of friends.

Sympathetic Ear

The one you can call/text at any hour when you just need to vent. Whether you’re letting off steam about the kids, your spouse, your lack of sleep (or sex), she’s there to listen. She’s your sounding board, the one who rarely offers advice, but relieves the pressure by just being interested in what you have to say.

The Librarian

When your baby isn’t sleeping, your tween has an attitude, or you need to know how to repair your leaking dishwasher, this friend has an answer. Whether its because she’s an encyclopedia of random knowledge, or just insanely good at googling, she’ll find you an article, a book or an expert to guide you on exactly the task you need to undertake. PS- Be careful not to confuse her with your “Sympathetic Ear” or instead of being able to vent, you’re going to get a lecture on how to fix your problems!

Party Animal

You need a night out, to let loose, be yourself, kid-free. You call her. She’s always ready to hang out, easily rearranges her schedule for you, and says, “Let’s Go!” She knows the fun places around town and always has good stories to remind you that you were a person before you were a mom.

Low Maintenance

Lastly, but certainly not least on the list, is this friend. You send each other memes on facebook, tag her in funny but relevant videos and usually only “talk” online. If/when you get together in person, its like no time has passed. There’s never any drama or pressure, because you’re both busy and just happy to see each other for a cup of coffee or wine every so often.

Who do you relate to the most? Better yet, which one are you in your group of friends?


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