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Five Healthier Eating Habits for the Holidays

I am so excited that we are finally in the holiday season- my favorite time of the year. Good spirits, Good company, Amazing food! Not too much surprise, the season is the typical time frame for many to gain “holiday weight” just in time to try to lose it come the New Year.

As a Registered Dietitian mama and total food-lover myself, I’d like to remind everyone of five simple mindful habits to practice as you enjoy the numerous festive meals coming up to prevent the “holiday weight” and potential yo-yo dieting that may follow. 

  1. Please do NOT “starve” yourself days before or the day of a big meal (example, Thanksgiving dinner). Not only will you most likely end up eating way more than you would have if you had just eaten a light breakfast and lunch, but you’re also negatively manipulating your metabolism. 
  2. On the contrary, if you end up eating more than you planned to at a meal(s), don’t try to compensate by starving yourself the next day! .. also not good for the metabolism. 
  3. Wine, cocktails, and seasonal drinks are great, but remember that they can add up calories and sugar intake too! Drink plenty of water often and throughout the party and in between specialty drinks. 
  4. Scope out the spread before you start filling your plate. Look for the entree and sides you really want to eat so you’re more aware of the portions you’re taking. 
  5. Don’t stress and just enjoy!!! Sometimes we stress too much about overeating that we’re too preoccupied to be in the moment. Does that slice of pie look good? Go for it! Do you still feel like you could go for another serving of mashed potatoes? Do it! Just remember to listen to your body: pay attention to fullness cues and ask yourself questions like “do I really want that pie or is it just because its staring back at me?” And if you really want it- enjoy it! And then.. move on. Don’t stress about it afterwards. Instead, go take a walk with a few friends or family members and cherish the quality time you have with them. 

That’s what’s truly important during the holidays anyway: quality time, not the food! Whether you’re spending it with a big group or even alone, enjoy the time you have because the holiday season comes once a year and it doesn’t have to include weight gain with the dreaded “New Years weight loss resolutions” that don’t always work out and could even lead to more unhealthy eating patterns. Mindful eating habits should not just be practiced during the holidays either. If you want to read more on healthy eating habits, you can read my post on it by clicking here!

Also remember that it’s important to model healthy eating habits in front of the little humans that look up to us for everything so they can adapt mindfulness too:) 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season!

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