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The Halloween Bucket List | East Valley Edition

Halloween Bucket List East Valley Edition



As October is ticking by and as the 31st is looming near, I thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of great things you and your family can do that is Halloween/Fall themed to kick off the holiday season. Halloween isn’t known to be that much of a “family holiday” other than trick or treating in my opinion but in my family I want to change that. I have started to see holidays more along the lines of traditions as my son (quickly) grows up. I view Halloween/Fall/October as the “kick off” month to all of the up and coming holidays. What a better time than now to get into the spirit and start some family traditions with your own family than with a little bucket list you can try to accomplish every year.


Halloween Bucket List East Valley Edition


  •  Attend a local event

In the East Valley there are SO many local events leading up to Halloween. Most events happen each year, and EVMB has updated lists of everything happening in the East Valley this Fall.

Check out our 2016 OUTDOOR Fall Bucket list from East Valley Moms Blog (includes a printable!) by clicking here.

Find local farmers markets, trick or treating events, haunted houses and MORE on our Ultimate Fall Family Fun Guide!

Here are other events you might want to take the family too.

Arizona State Fair (a little outside of EV but it still works 🙂 )

An Evening for the Children Halloween Backyard Tour – Benefiting PHX Children’s  Hospital

SeaLife Aquarium Spooktacular

Mesa Arts Dia De Los Muertos Festival

City of Queen Creek Library: Are you afraid of the dark? & Spooky Origami

  •  Go Pumpkin Pickin’!

At Schnepf Farms you can pick your pumpkin’s before the Pumpkin + Chili Party so you can avoid paying admission for that. Side note: Their cafe will also be opened for a great breakfast as well 😉

Vertuccio Farms is another pumpkin pickin’ place.

Mother Nature’s Farm Pumpkin Patch

For even MORE pumpkin patches go to Pumpkin Patches in and around the East Valley

  •  Brisk at Dusk

Go for a daily walk at dusk. Bring your flashlights and check out some Halloween decorations!

  •  Read a spooky story

Something to get excited about every year! Pick a spooky story (age specific) to read throughout the month. Write the year inside the book and save it! Bring it back out the following year to reminisce. Pick a new book every year and make it a family tradition! Check out some books at your local Target or Amazon.

  •  Go to a local high school football game

Its always good to get into the holiday spirit by getting around others that are in your community. What better way to mingle, make friends and get your family out and about and try something new!

  •  Bonfire + S’mores

The air is crisp and chilly. Bundle up those little ones and make it a memorable bonfire. Take pictures, share stories, bring flannel blankets, dress up in some new pajamas… If you don’t have an area to have a bonfire at home, take it indoor! Just make it a pretend fire. There are movies you can purchase to have a fireplace screensaver on your tv or just sit in a circle and play pretend. Additionally, branch out from your every day s’mores and experiment with some new recipes that your kids can join in on too. Check out my S’More Please s’mores Pinterest board for some pinspiration.

  • Craft + Crunch Leaves

Go out for a walk and pick up some beautiful autumn leaves that have fallen (maybe on your Brisk at Dusk?) and bring them home for crafts the next day! Here is one that I thought was adorable:


Leaf People via Mess for Less

Or rub with a crayon like we did when we were children:

Hands on as we Grow

via Hands on as we Grow

Pumpkin Apple Stamp

Not leaves related but don’t forget to check out our Pumpkin Apple craft on EVMB while you are at it!

Leaves Shadow Box

For the sentimental Mama’s out there… Make a shadow box and as your children bring beautiful leaves to you, start filling up a shadow box. Feel free to put a beautiful sticker on the front (in white so it shows better) that captures the heart of your home for the holiday season. Here is an example : via Pinterest

And as for crunching, take a morning walk and build some piles for leaf crunching or bring a bag with you out on your Brisk at Dusk and take some home. Simple, yet sometimes over looked as just an everyday thing. But take some time and encourage your children to have fun with it. If age appropriate, you might discuss why leaves change and why they fall.

  • Make a Signature Pumpkin

Signature Pumpkin

I recently saw this on Pinterest and thought it was such a sentimental and beautiful addition to fall decor in your home and something you can do early. Sign it with your family names, traces of everyones hands, or write what everyone would like to do this holiday season or even some memories from previous years. Check it out here.

  • Apple Bobbin’ and Cider Drinkin’

I think you have to agree that bobbing for apples is an all ages event. Everyone loves it. So why not make it a family tradition?

Bobbing for apples via Martha Stewart

Have a child that isn’t ready for bobbing for apples just quite yet? Or maybe doesn’t like dipping their head in water? Try this alternative:

Bobbing for apples alternative


  • Make a Squash Family

A spin on the traditional carving pumpkin, pick out some oddly shaped gourds, squashes, pumpkins and decorate each one to mimic the family member. Have some fun with it 🙂 Here are two samples:

Ghostly Gourds via Parents

Ghostly Gourds via Parents


Pumpkin Family with Succulents via Succulents and Sunshine


  • Prep Blessing Bags for the Season

Next month is Thanksgiving and what a better way to start the thankful season than to be prepared with blessing bags. Getting children involved in giving back is soul food for your little ones and you too. Maybe this could turn out to be a monthly thing for your family! What’s your favorite thing to include in Blessing Bags?

Blessing Bags via Thrifty NW Mom

How to Pack a Blessing Bag by Thrifty NW Mom

  • Pick a New Pumpkin Recipe to Make

Check out a recent post from EVMB Simple and Delicious Pumpkin recipes for inspiration.

Or what about some Pumpkin Spice Donuts?

And lastly, feel free to check out my Pumpkin Love Pinterest board for some super yummy recipes!


Whether you are able to complete all of these on this list or one or two, I hope your biggest take away is to focus on creating a sense of unity this season. Spending time with your little one and teach them to give back, learn and grow… I hope that all of us parents can foster this in our lives.

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Halloween Bucket List East Valley Edition

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