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Fall fashion trends I can and literally can’t get behind

Fall fashion trends I can and literally can’t get behind

Fall Fashion Trends I Can and Literally Can't Get Behind | East Valley Moms Blog

According to one source, Cosmopolitan, the top 13 fall fashion trends are(using their words): fringe, fun fur, bedtime stories, florals, glitter bomb, cloth of gold, hot mess, leather pants, supersized shearling, one shoulder, patchwork, neutral plaids, & political slogans.

Harper Bazaar says the top 14 trends are(using their words): check mate, winter florals, denim duty, silver streak, lady in red, all americana, in the trenches, birds of a feather, martix moment, do the polka, a shearling thing, living in lingerie, a boys life, & puff daddy

Sure…okay then.

It doesn’t matter if you give the trend a fun name, some of them, I’m like…

Fall Fashion Trend I Can and Literally Cannot | East Valley Moms Blog

Yes, I know that fashion straight from the runway is more exaggerated, I’ve watched project runway y’all. Regardless of my lack of fashion sense, some trends are good, strange and just plain HUH?. 

*i know there are plenty of other trends for fall, but i just can’t even handle them all so i’m gonna stick with whats at the top, and wont go over everything. we cool? awesome.*


These trends I can probably pull off some how but in smaller quantities.

  • Floral patterns: Trend says dark romantic florals. Blues and blacks and flowers, right up my ally.
  • Red: Classic, elegant, and a basic in any closet. 
  • Slogan shirts: I love a good slogan and give me a shirt with it, winning all around. 
  • Leather: I’m afraid of leather, just from a fat person side of it. I’d probably end up like Ross and his leather pants episode on Friends, BUT I think its a fantastic fall trend for everyone else. 🙂 
  • Polka dot: Enough said, moving on. 
  • Plaid: A simple, non in your face, plaid would be perfect, maybe in a trench coat
  • Trench coats: I feel like I’m just too short to pull off a tench, and I don’t like wearing heels but they are adorable.


I questions these trends a little more, and might attempt, but probably not, cause you know, opinions.

  • Feathers/fringe:  It’s not the worst thing in the world, but eh. Not my thing. 
  • Denim: Head to toe, heck no. ( I will make a sign, chant and riot in the streets). One piece at a time please.
  • Gold/Glitter/Silver: I feel like there is a time and a place for super sequence, super shiny and space blankets and things you wear to cover your private parts is not one of them. 
  • Hot mess: I’m happy to see at least the top of the laundry pile, sniff test outfits are trendy this fall. I’ll try my best to not do this all season long though.


  • Pajamas/Lingerie/bedtime: I can understand wearing your pj’s to Walmart, and wearing a quilted poncho, that’s a given cause it sounds comfortable, but I guess I’m not okay with the possibility of someones boob poppin’ out of a transparent nighty shirt. To each their own. 
  • Fun Fur: I just don’t get it really. Like why colored fur? Oh well. 

 Do you follow fall fashion trends? Any trends you’re excited to try this year? I know velvet is a thing this year, but I have too many opinions on it and not enough time to talk about it. 

Fall Fashion Trends I Can and Literally Can't Get Behind | East Valley Moms Blog

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