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Embracing the Last Few Days of Summer

May we embrace the end of summer!

I was soo excited when school was officially over for the school year.  No more packing lunches.  No more prepping snacks.  No more whiny, sleepy kids in the mornings. Ahh life is good!  

Everyone gets to sleep in, stay in jammies for as long as long they like, and pretty much stay up way past their bedtimes.  Oh!  And!  “You want left over pizza for breakfast?  Absolutely!  Just don’t bug Mommy and get it yourself.”

Isn’t there just something special about thinking about all these moments?  The fun summer vacations, lazy mornings, and fun activities spent just relaxin’ with the fam.   It’s one of the best parts of the year for us Moms!

Embrace the End of Summer | East Valley Moms BlogLet’s be real though, this only lasts for a short time before it’s complete and utter chaos… and then we NEED school to start again for us all to stay sane.  As much as our summer vacations have utterly and completely ruled, as much as we loved leaving breakfast up to the kids (left over pizza for breakfast should really only happen on days when we ‘accidentally’ sleep in during the school year…), we really do need to get balance and structure back into action.  It’s something we all crave and need deep down inside.

For those of us prepping for summer to finally be ovah’ for the kids, let’s take a moment to remember why we were looking forward to school getting out so bad in the first place. 


  • No more homework
  • No more school projects
  • No more packing lunches
  • No more cranky morning sessions because “I can’t sleep Mom!”
  • No more midnight laundry sessions (because “Oh!  Mom!  Tomorrow is school pride day and I think my (only) school pride shirt is dirty”…. ugh!)
  • No more calls from school… because so and so is sick… (Can’t we just rent out part of the nurses office for days like these?)

Let’s enjoy these last few days of not prepping lunches and having laundry done and let’s celebrate these relaxing, slightly chaotic, pizza morning moments with happy hearts!  Because soon, soon!  We’re going to be looking forward to these moments again! 

It’s just the nature of the game. The crazy beautiful life of being a Mom!

Happy Last Days of Summer Friends!

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