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Earth Day For Lazy Moms

Of course we’re not lazy, we’re just…moms. If you clicked on this, maybe you’re like me and a little too distracted to plant a tree or visit a state park for Earth Day on Sunday, April 22 but you want to do something. My kids are 12, eight and five months so my days are spent monitoring screen time, assisting with science projects and policing a baby who’s becoming mobile. I “go green” when I can, even if it’s just using reusable snack bags in the boys’ lunches or riding bikes to the fro-yo store instead of driving.

Earth Day focuses on all the ways we can be kind to the earth. Let’s keep it simple with Earth Day for lazy moms.

Use your reusable shopping bags and water bottles like usual but explain to your kids how you’re saving items from the landfill. If they’re never seen a dump before, that’s a worthwhile Google image search!

Ransack your kids’ book shelf  (the random piles, books shoved under their beds, whatever) for anything about nature, the outdoors, bugs, Earth, the desert, etc. Read them together or keep them accessible so your kids can flip through them.

Grab a few cheap pots at a thrift store and some $2 plants and pretty up your patio or porch. Even better, plant something edible like mint or basil.

Clip vegetation from your yard and put it in a vase.

Tour the house talking about ways to save water. Turning off the water while brushing your teeth counts. While you’re at it…

Practice turning lights off when you leave a room.

Go on a nature walk around your neighborhood and look for unusual rocks, plants, feathers or birds to admire. Bonus: pick up trash as you go. Better yet…

Find some grass and dig in with your bare feet for yoga or stretching (it’s called “grounding” and they say it’s good for your health). Take a blanket and spend time gazing up at the sky. It’s nice to feel small sometimes.

Eat a vegetarian meal. A frozen vegetable lasagna counts.

Do you know someone with a garden? Make a visit to it and bring something home to eat. I’ll be eating kale and tomatoes from my folk’s garden.

I hope these Earth Day for lazy moms ideas inspire you. Let us know what you end up doing!

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