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DIY Refrigerator Organization

frige organization2

Now that school is officially back in session my inner OCD has appeared with an extra emphasis on organization and structure. Like most of you all summer I have enjoyed the freedom of no places I had to go or be and nothing of utter importance to take care of. But now I am realizing that I need that structure back in my life especially when it comes to order for my kids. Taking them to school and other activities, bedtimes, homework, housework, all of these aspects are infiltrating my life and I need to find order.

One way I plan on implementing this order is by organizing my refrigerator. For some unknown reason my fridge tends to be a gathering place (not because it is the food source ;). Everyone looks at it at one point in the day. So I have decided to utilize it as a resource for information. I have a calendar, flyers of important events, choir charts, and even a place to display my children’s favorite art pieces. The trick is to keeping it organized and not just a jumbled mess of information. So here are a couple of examples of my plan for this information hub.


Magnet Chore Chart

I found these great metal weekly charts in the clearance section of target. Then I used some picture frame magnets, also found at target. I went home and the kids and I used clip art to pick images describing each of the chores the kids are required to complete on a daily basis. Each day I put up the chores required for the day on the day and the kids take the magnets off when they have completed the chore. Here is a list of some of the chores we made magnets for:

-take a bath

-do your homework

-set the table

-read for 30 min

-empty the dishwasher

-brush your teeth

-clean the bathroom

-clean your bedroom

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Fridge Frames

My kids love to display their artwork on our fridge. Sometimes it can get out of hand covered entirely of their precious art. I decided to make a few frames that they can use to frame their art. I used this tutorial to create the frames with a little twist. Instead of using scrapbook paper I used washi tape. It worked perfect because all the tape stuck to the frame, no bubbles and no exposed edges.



frige organization7


Here’s to a successfully organized school year!


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