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DIY: 10 Minute Bandana Tote

Summer at my house means there is always somewhere to go, people to see, things to do.  If your kids are anything like mine they are constantly trying to bring everything they own with them in the car.  I’m not the biggest fan of toys, books, etc, being left in my van.  To solve this I whipped up a very simple and inexpensive (seriously less than $3) tote bag, so they can lug whatever treasures they want with them, as long as it fits in the bag. 🙂





  1. Pick up whatever pattern bandana pleases you (huge selection at walmart for $1) and 1/2in grosgrain ribbon spool($2 at walmart)
  2. Fold bandana in half
  3. Sew a simple straight stitch on two sides of bandana



4. Measure and cut the ribbon to the length of straps you want. Cut two ribbon lengths.
5. Sew each ribbon end to top edge of bandana, flip and repeat on other side
6. After sewing ribbon, cut excess fabric on ends.  Fold bag right side out, and YOUR DONE!


0622160839aSee so simple and easy.  I have minimal sewing skills and finished this bag in less than 10 minutes with my 3 month old screaming in my ear, so I know you can do it!! This can work with any fabric as well, just a few simple stitches and your kiddos are ready to go, I just use bandanas cause they already have a finished edge! Now my kids can carry their own crap and you don’t have to deal with it. WIN!


Happy sewing friends and I hope your having an amazing summer!


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