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Defining your Parenting Style

I started studying psychology my senior year of high school. I fell in love with learning about behaviors and the mind. One of the first things I remember being taught was about different parenting styles. Throughout my classes at ASU, ISU I took child psychology, nature and nurture classes, home environment classes. I thought for sure it would help learn to be a successful parent someday.

I became pregnant before my senior year in college. Every time I took a “What’s Your Parenting Style” quiz , the result was always “Attachment Style”. 5 ½ years and 2 kids later, I’m starting to think it’s not.

When my five year old was an infant I breastfed and babywore him, I never yelled “NO”, I always told him “No thank you”. His pediatrician instructed us to spank his hand to tell him no. But anytime I did that, he would just wind up and hit or slap as hard as he could.

I tried love and logic, positive parenting, and nothing stuck, it was a hot mess, and my genius son always found some way to get around it and argue with him.
Recently I saw a blogger video go viral about “yelling”. I can totally agree, I am a yeller.

After reading how hard it is to discipline gifted children and kids with sensory issues and ADHD; I tried everything in the books I read and from parenting groups possible. I’ve finally come to terms that even if I’m a crunchy vegan breastfeeding mom, I yell and I yell a lot.

I have a short temper, I get grumpy, I work stressful days and even when I use my “mean mommy voice” I still sound like a little high pitched angry mouse. Do I think my yelling is going to leave a long term impact on him? Probably not. I’ve done research, I’ve read papers, and articles, but it helps keep things in tact and I refuse to raise a spoiled child. Our youngest is a quick learning toddler and picking up habits from his big brother. He gets frustrated, bites, hits, and shakes his head “no”, I can tell we have another gifted challenging child on our hand. Even though I’m still living my crunchy vegan breastfeeding and yogini life, I’m OK with the fact that I’m a yelling Attachment and Authoritative mix mama.

Defining your Parenting Style | East Valley Moms Blog

My one goal in life is to raise decent children, no matter what my parenting style is. Curious what kind of parent you are? Check out this link and let me know in the comments!!

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