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Dear Working Mama

Dear Working Mama,

The work that you’re doing is important. Maybe you do it because it’s your passion and you love it, or maybe you do it to financially support your family and pay bills. Either way, it’s important. 

You’re an amazing mom, and having your child in daycare does not mean you are any less of a rock star parent. Whether your kiddo goes to a corporate daycare, an in-home daycare, or is watched by a relative or friend; good for you for finding a situation that works for your family! Good for you for creating a village to rally around you in this parenting journey, and creating another space for your child to feel love and build relationships. 

You wear a lot of hats, and that can be exhausting. Make sure to find time to just be you. And if you’ve forgotten who that is, that’s okay. Make it a goal this year to rediscover yourself, and have fun in the process.

Do you struggle with feeling like the grass is greener on your stay at home mom friend’s lawn? Don’t let that comparison game get you down. Water the grass right in front of you; see the positives in your situation because I’m sure there are some. Don’t allow guilt to tell you that you can’t enjoy being a working parent, because you can. I, for one, believe that being a working mama is what makes me the best mom I can be. 

Your daily life may look different than a stay at home mom’s daily life, and that’s okay. Embrace it. Support your stay at home mama friends, check in on them and remind them that the work they do is valuable and important. Cheer them on! And share about your life, so they can cheer you on too.

Oh, and working mama, here’s one more thing that you may not hear often enough:

You’re doing a good job. As a matter of fact, you’re killing it!

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