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Dear Daddy: A letter from a daughter to her father

Dear Daddy: A letter from a daughter to her father | East Valley Moms Blog

Dear Daddy,

Thank you.

For being there. For instilling in me values that have made me successful.
If it weren’t for you,  I wouldn’t be who I am today. Not to discredit Mom, however, there is something extremely important about a daddy/daughter relationship.

Dad: my first love. 
A dad should be the first one to teach their daughter about love.
In my opinion, daddy should always be the one to show their daughter the standard. 
And you did just that. Because of you, I felt special, treasured, loved, and I knew I was. So, when I set out to date, you were the standard. Obviously, a special man could only live up to those high standards (and he does.)

You spent time with me doing grand things and mundane. Typically, the mundane were the most poignant.
Etched in my memory, are countless car rides from my preschool days to high school. Believe it or not, those rides made me feel special and valued because you took the time to treasure me then. Trips to the park were my favorite memories with you. The excitement of getting a slushie from the local convenience store is unmatched, because it was with you. As parents, we forget that it was the little, everyday things that children treasure. Of course, Disneyland is amazing, but I wouldn’t trade those moments hiking a trail or being used as an air guitar for anything.

Dad and daughter hiking grand canyon

Daddy and Me at the bottom of Grand Canyon.

You were there.
Daddy, you were there for everything, from the first plunky piano recital, every choir concert, and 10pm phone calls that took you miles away to rescue your daughter.
I was taught by you, to live by faith, be calm and measured in hard situations, and appreciate God’s beauty around me.  

Dad and high school daughter

Me and my dad at family camp in high school.

You molded me.
Namely, your heart for God and pursuit of our faith inspired me.
You inspired me to be better, to say what I mean and mean what I say.
Always, I sought to never disappoint you. If I did, you always were quick to forgive. You corrected in a way that was no less than loving and patient and it is because of your example, my children have the same kind of father for themselves. Of course, I would settle for nothing less.

I hope you know how rare you are, how special our relationship is and was. If you don’t, this is me saying it.
I love you, I thank you, and I admire you.

Your punkin

Dad and daughter down the aisle | East Valley Moms Blog

Me and Daddy hand in hand.

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