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When I let my daughter dress me for a week

high heels

On the left, the shoes I wore the week my daughter dressed me. On the right, the pair she wanted me to wear every day but I thought they’d be too uncomfortable for a full day.

One recent morning, I was in my closet trying to decide what to wear to work and my 4-year-old started thumbing through my dresses. She pulled one out, and said, “Mom, can you wear this today?”

I can’t just throw on a dress without notice – I need to shave my legs and all.

“Tell you what,” I said. “You can pick out my clothes for a whole week, but you have to pick them out the night before. So we can start on Sunday night for Monday.”

I’ve long said her greatest disappointment in me is the infrequency in which I wear high heels. She’s always bringing me heels and suggesting I wear them. Heck, she probably wears my heels more than I do. I also tend to wear pants probably nine of 10 work days. Needless to say, my little fashionista loved this plan.


The first day of the week my daughter dressed me, this is how she dressed herself. It was crazy hat day, but the heart-patterned vest and Sparky socks? I was worried what this would mean for me.

I laid out some ground rules: I had veto power over anything that wasn’t work appropriate, and I wasn’t going to wear uncomfortable shoes if I thought I would be walking a lot that day. (Every day she tried to get me into teal-green suede heels that I thought were too high for me to manage all day, and every day I declined.)

I put my work appropriate dresses in one section of the closet, and showed her where pants and tops were.


Day 1: Long floral dress from black pumps. I normally wouldn’t have put black shoes with this dress, which has navy blue flowers, but it could have been much worse. Actually, I received several compliments on the dress throughout the day.

Day 2: Navy and white striped dress and yellow peep-toe heels. This was probably my favorite of her combinations (I love yellow but haven’t worn those heels in years), and again I received compliments throughout the day.

Day 3: This was the one questionable look she gave me – a dress over slacks, and heels.(Honestly, the dress has shrunk since I first bought and now is too short so I usually wear it on the weekends paired with leggings – but that’s different than wearing it over slacks to the office.) I am not going to say that I was lucky to have a sick kid on this day (pink eye) but if she had to be sick anyway, I’m glad this was the day I was able to work from home that week. (I did wear the outfit out of the house to pick up her prescription and run to the grocery store so she wouldn’t know that I didn’t love it.)

Day 4: A black and white print dress with pink trim and black pumps. I’d only worn this dress once before (not to work) and, again, I received more compliments.

Day 5: A black and white shirtdress with black heels.

What I learned

I tend to think I don’t have much time to spend getting dressy in the morning, but in reality, I wasn’t late any of these days even though it took me a little extra time in the shower to get smooth legs. And it did feel good to be a little more dressed up, with or without the compliments. Also, looking at the photos, I wondered if my hair is always that out of control? Haha! The following week, I didn’t wear any dresses at all (although I think this will inspire me to wear them more) but on Monday morning, I was sure to curl my hair.

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