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Daddy-daughter date nights

Almost 12 years ago, my husband became a dad to our oldest daughter. No one but a dad knows the bond he shares with his little girl. After all he is her number 1 admirer, her first kiss and her first love. Since their first meeting we decided how important it was to date our kiddos , a one on one time with each kid no matter how old they get or how busy we get. In fact so important that it gets penciled into our calendars, we treat it like an appointment and a priority!

Daddy-Daughter Date NightsWith Father’s Day coming up I wanted to share a few things my husband like to do or places he likes to go to with my girls.  Please keep in mind that my daughters are 11 and 9 so some of the things might be a little bit more challenging to do with your younger girlies, but don’t let that discourage you from doing it! Now lets get to my daddy daughter date suggestions!

  • Going to the movies: No doubt about it, this is probably the most popular date activity with my girls. They love torturing their dad with a girly movie. He pretends to be bored but I know he loves it! Great for all ages.
  • Going to a women’s sporting event: Being in Arizona gives us so much opportunities to watch multiple teams (high school, college and pro) women’s team from soccer (my girls favorite), softball, volleyball, basketball and more in action. What a great time to share with your girls. Due to shorter attention span for younger kiddos I recommended this for girls ages 6 and up.
  • Watching football or futball together: No matter what team you cheer for, sharing a your love of the sport with your daughter is special. Start them young, sit together and explain the game, and feed their curiosity about the sport. Great for all ages.
  • Going hiking: This could go be an all day event or a couple of hours long. I recommend taking shorter hikes with the younger kiddos but a few miler for older kids. Check out my favorite hikes here. If you choose the right hikes this is great for all ages.
  • Eating lunch or dinner at a restaurant: It’s usually a daughter’s choice, we like to remind them of all the places they like and give them options from fast food to mid range restaurants. The goal here is to eat and talk/laugh and teach them to enjoy the time together.
  • Going for a bike ride: We like to pick destinations when we are going for bike rides as a date. Perhaps a local froyo shop or a nearby store.  Nothing nearby, just pick a route that will pass a park and stop and play there.
  • Visiting a local museum or the zoo: This one was very popular when my girl were younger, especially during the cooler months. They always enjoy a day with dad at the zoo and end it with a few minutes at the play area or splash pad at the end. Sometimes Target and Bank of America does free days at local museums everywhere. Check out the 3 for free date I had with my giggles here.
  • Build something together: When going out is not an option and or your kiddo would prefer to stay at home, why not build something with them. Build a fort or a hideaway in their room. Bring out the Legos, the Lincoln logs or the play dough and start building whatever. Girls can and love building things too.
  • Cook together: Nothing makes for better memories and pictures than a daddy daughter cooking or baking together in the kitchen. I personally think that this is a great life lesson teaching moment here and moms you don’t need to cook that day! Win/win.

daddy daughter date

So there you have it! These are just a few suggestions I have for a daddy daughter dates. Don’t have daughters??? Well don’t let that stop you from dating your sons. I’ve learned over time that kids need to feel love, that they will grow up one day and we will wonder where time went. Don’t miss a moment, spend time with them because time’s the one thing we can’t ever take or buy back. Now go get your calendars out mommas and plan out your hubby’s next daddy daughter date. I hope you make it a great day!



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