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Online Domestic Goddess: How I Organize my Amazon Purchasing

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A mother’s love for Amazon runs narrow and deep. Simply: we need it, we love it, we want some more of it. Hot of the heels of their second Amazon Prime Day and sliding into back to school time, we thought it was high-time to dish on how we use the beloved website in my house. I organize my Amazon purchases into five categories.

Buy Now with One-Click: I came, I saw, I conquered. These are items that either pop into my head spur of the moment that I truly need (read: cleaning supplies, toothpaste, etc) or re-orders of something I already own. Not a lot of thought of price comparing around goes into this, and they are almost never more than $10 orders. This is my “safe bet purchase.”

Saved For Later

Add to Cart: I read a TON of blogs. Beauty, fashion, kids, health & fitness, books-you name it. Bloggers are FOREVER hitting up affiliate links in order to monetize their blog, which is GREAT. But can also be overwhelming and a hard sell of those American consumerism habits on me. In order to minimize unnecessary or unplanned purchases, our family is a big “add to cart” fan. At the end of the week, usually on the weekend, I go through my cart items, shop around for the best prices, analyze need vs want, and do one of three things. I either purchase, delete, or move to a wish list (see below). This has turned out to be a great way to reign in those $7-$25 purchases that really add up. Nine times out of ten, the item is deleted. Period. Funny enough, of course my husband shares my Amazon account with me and somehow, I keep adding things like glitter and fake tattoos for my daughter. They never seem to be in the cart at the end of the week!!! Imagine that.

Exact Quote

Wish Lists: We love wish lists!! When I was pregnant, we set up an Amazon Baby Registry which was fantastic for all of our friends across the country. That evolved into using Wish Lists for, well…everything! Items get moved from “Add to Cart” to Wish List. We share lists with family members during our daughter’s birthday or the winter holidays. My brother always sends his lists for my nephews. It works out perfectly for gift giving without any awkwardness! Over the course of time, I’ve set up quite a few categories.

  1. Jenny (all sorts of incredible things including but not limited to an iced tea maker, atheleisure wear and an at home oxygen facial machine, which clearly falls under a basic need item.
  2. Books for Jenny: currently reigning in as winner for for the Most Items on a Wish List ( 119)-gasp!
  3. Baby Girl’s List: oh man-this is a blog post on it’s own!
  4. Books for Baby Girl: This is Grandma’s personal favorite. Every so often, my mom browses through and sends a few titles to build up my daughter’s collection. The age ranges vary so much on all the books I add after reading reviews on blogs, but it still is a great way to grow our library. Most of this wish list stems from a fantastic E-book entitled 121 Books: A Very Subjective Guide The Greatest Kids Books of All Time. Jenny Rosenstrach is one of all my all-time favorite bloggers! You can find her at DALS. 
  5. Medicine Cabinet-A First Aid kit of sorts. I try to make sure I have all of this things on hand, so I keep everything in the wish list and occasionally do an inventory of my medicine & supply cabinet.
  6. Beauty Counter: Another favorite blogger of mine is A Cup Of Jo, who funny enough is friends with Jenny who I mentioned in #4. She does a fantastic regular Beauty column entitled “My Beauty Uniform” where she interviews ladies from all over the world on their routines. I always, and I mean always, read great product recommendations so this list is almost exclusively made up of items from her series!
  7. Great Gifts:
  8. Party Supplies: I’m forever on the hunt for unique Birthday party stuff! My little babe is turning 4 soon, and I have these and this ridiculousness on my mind.
  9. House Supplies/Decor: Lots of different stuff such as blah blah extensions cords or batteries! And then some fun stuff like this rug! 

Subscribe & Save: This is reserved for my tried & true purchases. There is nothing I haven’t used an entire bottle of in this category. We actually don’t use this too often as we are a small family of three, but I really could see a huge benefit the bigger your family is. You’ll find things like contact solution, hair ties (genius addition actually suggested to me by my husband!), and Kind bars.

Prime Panty: This is my new experiment in household management. Full disclosure: I have not yet pulled the trigger and made a complete conversion to buying all of my cleaning supplies, non-perishable food items and consumables online. I am slowly adding items to the list, price shopping around town, narrowing down my brand choices, and weaning myself of Coscto. Like I said, we are a small family of 3. Buying in bulk is just not necessary for us this time in our lives. Prime Pantry won’t work for everyone, but I do think it will help me keep a good inventory of what we have and what we need. Without question, it will eliminate impulse purchases at big box stores. But basically in Prime Pantry you fill a “box” and for a flat fee of $5.99 your items ship. For example, in my “Pantry” right now I have 8 items in their and Amazon indicates that the box is 62.3% full. So as I need things, the box is filling up and will ship when full. There are SO MANY DEALS and coupons for Pantry! I love a good price, and it is definitely worth the time to look through their current specials when you are working on your “box.”

Like Christmas Morning!

Now, just for fun & to take a glimpse into real life here are 5 Items that legit arrived at my house this week:

  1. Oatmeal 
  2. Beach Read for my Upcoming Staycation
  3. Go Fish & Old Maid Deck of Cards
  4. Back to School Shoes at a TOTAL steal- $7 !!!
  5. Some Sort of Connector for the TV that I Really Know Nothing About #reallife

What are your current favorite Amazon situations? Let us know!!!


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