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Currently: 5 Fresh Ways I’m “Healthy Living”







Finding unique, current and fresh ways to stay on top of my health & fitness routine is always a priority for me. I tend to burn out quickly on workout trends and am always searching for the next best thing. Now that the January gym rush has subsided- and the dedicated ones are still at it-I thought we could all use a few ideas on how to keep motivated through spring. As moms we need to do our best to stay proactive regarding our health, and that is so just difficult during the busy times. Here are some small ways I can find time to fit into my day that will make me feel better and gain more energy.

Alexa Jean Fitness

Alexa Jean Fitness

Instagram Fitness: Of course, everyone who wants to be on Instragram probably already is. But the rise of the fitness-gram is totally taking over, so if you are a gym junkie you may want to cave and get an account. You can find inspiration for meal prep, tons of people selling shakes & supplements, and of course the gym selfie {#gymselfie}. One account that stands out, keeps her posts authentic and helpful, and really has a good product is Alexa Jean Fitness. With over 2 million followers (!!!), she posts probably 20% personal and the rest is fitness related. Her short videos are totally feasible, the before/afters of clients are inspiring, and BONUS: she’s an Arizona MOM! She also sells ebooks. I bought one and am loving it. You are already scrolling through your feed while waiting for the toaster, why not drop down and squat it out?

Fitness Tracker: My husband is a “gear heavy” kind of guy, so we’ve had a number of fitness trackers road tested in our house. I’m not going to plug any specific one but will simply suggest that whichever you choose, make sure you have a handful of friends that are on it. It’s great motivation to see how active everyone is on a given day! Although I will not say that the little bracelet actually gets me to the gym, but maybe I am more mindful of my workout that day and maybe I take the stairs a few extra times. Or maybe I forget to wear it for days at a time, and then when I actually do want to track the calorie burn in my spin class-the battery is dead! Either way, if you commit to wearing it, I do think it is motivational.

Tracy Anderson Cardio Dance

Tracy Anderson Cardio Dance

Dance Cardio: Most girls have taken dance at some point in their lives. Last year a friend dragged me to the Hip Hop class at our gym. After getting over the fact that these moves are “holy inappropriate”, it’s actually a great workout and goes by so quickly! The music is loud and pumping, and you can take it as seriously as you want. We’ve now gotten the routines down and really work up a sweat! I have heard great things about High Fitness, which is just getting started here in the East Valley. When I miss class and want to work up a sweat at home, I put on Tracy Anderson’s Dance Cardio-that tiny girl can crush it!

Haylie Duff's Real Girl Kitchen

Haylie Duff’s Real Girl Kitchen

Real Girl’s Kitchen: Ok, Ok-this is totally the 90s girl in me, but I recently found Haylie Duff’s show on the Cooking Channel-how adorable! She really knows her way around the kitchen, has recipes that are easy enough for me, and is a new mom! Her website is comprehensive, and I just noticed she has a book club-right up my alley. I made this salad and have these kabobs on my radar for those beautiful spring nights here in the desert.  Her focus is clean and healthy without aligning herself with a specific “diet.” 

Meditation: Regardless of my inner voice telling me that I’m not exactly a free spirit {extreme type A}, am the only one I know that does not like hiking, and cant really sit still, I am leaning a bit towards the meditation bandwagon! Of all the things I’ve read, this quote seemed to sum it up for me: “Prayer is when you speak to God, Meditation is when God speaks to you.” I honestly am still trying to get the hang of it and have yet to add this to my daily routine. But the times I have done it, I feel better. And that’s just great. I use this free app on my phone “Calm.” I’ve read that the Oprah and Deepak Chopra series is phenomenal, so maybe I will work my way through that and get back to you! I also recently saw that some “meditation zones” are starting to open in LA, a beautiful studio where you visit for a guided meditation. That sounds lovely, and hopefully one will make it’s way to the East Valley!

What are some fresh ways you are staying on top of your health? I’d love to hear from you!

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    Natalia Latshaw February 29, 2016 at 8:27 pm #

    meditating is what I need to start doing!! Thanks for sharing!

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