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A Cup’le of Thoughts on Christmas

A Cup'le of Thoughts on Christmas | East Valley Moms Blog

Like many of you, I’m a huge fan of Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ, the feelings it brings, the way people come together, the joy, the love, the happiness, the twinkling lights, the pine smells and Starbucks holiday cups. For me, the holiday cups are a fun outward reminder that Christmas season is upon us.

I love this year’s cup but I also loved the chic ombré red cup that caused a huge controversy because it wasn’t “Christmas” themed. Where was Santa? The presents? The tree and reindeer and ornaments? Something as little as a cup became the most talked about thing of the season. People were actually boycotting Starbucks by not purchasing their coffee over a cup.

A cup, people!!

 News flash: If you want to be mad over not having a Christmas cup with a tree and presents on it, maybe you should remember the reason for the season…Jesus Christ. Why aren’t you asking for him to make a debut on the cup, manger and all? But wait, that would outrage people, too, right?! Because not everyone is Christian.

Hmmmmm, funny you should bring that up. Not everyone celebrates Christmas whether it be religious based or not. So, why should Starbucks have to fit into this one box just because you want a specific holiday cup?

I don’t know about you, but the red cup drama disgusts me. Again, it’s a cup!! Is the human race this awful that we are starting feuds during one of the happiest times of the year over a cup?

Maybe, just maybe, instead of worrying about what kind of cup our $5 latte comes in, we should worry about how we can make a difference in the world. During a season where we tend to get so wrapped up in the commercial aspect of Christmas, let’s try and do good for others.

Let’s volunteer at a children’s hospital to brighten their day with coloring books or new games for them to play. Let’s gather blankets and send cards to our men and women overseas who can’t come home for the holidays. Let’s stop by to see our elderly neighbors who live alone and would enjoy the company. Let’s do something positive to impact our communities. Let’s do anything other than whine and complain about a cup just because it doesn’t fit into our ideal Christmas vision.

This season, let’s remember that it’s about something more than just a cup.

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