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Goal Setting with Kids: Creating a Family Vision Board

Goal Setting with Kids: Creating a Family Vision Board

January is upon us! New year, new beginnings, an opportunity for resolutions and goal setting to bring some focus for the months to come. We typically associate these types of initiatives with the adult population, but kids too can benefit from articulating what they hope to accomplish as the new year begins. Even better, doing this as a family can get everyone on the same page and excited about both individual and familial goals. This not only creates accountability but a platform to cheer each other on and celebrate accomplishments along the way.

A family vision board is an easy, fun, kid-friendly project to do just this.  Great for any age, your board can be as detailed or a simple as you like (the ages of your children will probably dictate this more than anything) and by definition, is just simply something to display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.Goal Setting with Kids: Creating a Family Vision Board

Here’s how to get started:


-Poster board




-Construction paper



-Glitter (*Optional and based on personal experience, would strongly advise against)


  • Define the word “goal” in age appropriate terms for your kids. We talked about a goal being something you might want to do or try to do in the new year (ex: eat new foods) or it could be something you want to try not to do or do less of (ex: whining…amiright?).
  • Outline how you want to approach your board. We did a section for each family member for individual goals and then a center section for the goals we want to accomplish together as a family.


  • Allow creativity! You may have a child who wants to use all pictures to express their goals and another who wants to write them out.
  • If they need help, try providing guidance but don’t lead them to a goal. For example: “What might be something you want to try for the first time this year?” vs. “Do you want to learn to tie your shoes?” They will be more invested in what they come up with organically!


  • Have everyone explain their goals and review family goals together. If it is appropriate to select one to work on first, identify what it is and discuss an action plan/timeline/steps to accomplish to get the ball rolling.
  • Post your board somewhere so it can be seen and shared!

Cheers to a happy, healthy 2018!

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