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Clone yourself with Metro’s Other Woman

As a working, single mom I struggle to find balance.  It’s a struggle all moms, whether we have a partner or not, can relate to.  Shuffle kids to school, work, make dinner, go to the grocery store, keep your home clean and organized, “self-care”-I know you are all laughing at that last one.  


We recently came across Metro’s Other Woman and the fabulous owner, Sarah Benken.  Sarah is our spirit animal.  As a young entreprenuer desperate to find time, she decided to build a business around creating time!  Hello, genius.

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah and her right-hand woman, Taylor visited my house to see how they could help.  I moved to my home last June and since it’s not going to be my permanent residence I have boxes shoved every where, stuff is still unpacked and with three busy kids…there is stuff all over.  By no means is my house dirty or cluttered but after working all day, my commute and taking care of my kids-I like to use my “free time” for myself or spending time with my boyfriend, NOT cleaning or organizing.

Sarah and Taylor scheduled one of their personal assistants to come to my house to tackle a project I haven’t been able to get to-my downstairs closet.  It is the black hole of my unpacked boxes.  It becomes a hot mess when my daughter rifles through my craft supplies and it also holds paint and some random items from the owners of my home.

To me my closet is just like this…

Ok Monica’s is worse!  Debby (Metro’s Other Woman personal assistant) came over and after a couple of hours help contain the mess!  

At long last, everything is neat and organized! That’s not all Debby helped me with, she also gave my house a quick clean up. And my favorite part, she did my kids laundry and put it away! Eeeeekkkkk! Putting away laundry is the WORST.


It was so great to come home to an organized home and I can’t wait to use Metro’s Other Woman to assist me in other areas of this life-work balance!  In addition to housekeeping, organization and laundry services you can also hire help for party planning, dog walking/sitting, errands and business services.  They really are one stop shop to help you manage your time a little better!

Be sure to give Sarah and Taylor a call when you are feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list!  Schedule your appointment here!


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